Here are some learning links that we have used in class and in homework:

Class Blog:

This is my class’s blog:


In Maths we go on one website called hot maths. You need a user and password but it is really easy to set up.

Hot maths:

Factors and multiples

This website is about the rules for finding factors in multiples:

rules of multiples

This website is about factor trees and finding prime number:

These website is about prime numbers:

Murderous maths -primes

And these websites are about primes and composite numbers (not prime numbers)


One of the pieces of homework we have is BTN. BTN is the news just explained better for kids. You watch an episode and do an review on it.  In the review, we color code it. Blue= facts, green= question and red= insights.  It is great and you learn a lot from it:


As homework we do the 100 word challenge (100wc). There is a prompt that you have to write about in 100 words. Eg: a picture, A sentence,  some random words, questions, videos that you have to finish the sentence. It is a lot of fun.


In class we are learning about auxiliary verbs. Here are some activity’s to learn more about them:

We are also learning about modal verbs. Here is a website about modal verbs to help you if you need help:


 Australian History

This website is part of the Sovereign Hill website. It has recreations of things people have said of their life on the goldfields:

These websites is about the perspectives of different people on the Victorian Goldfields:

This one is about a range of perspectives about the goldfields:

Life on the fields

In this website Aboriginal and Chinese perspectives are given:

Gold!- immigration & Population

He in this hyperlink is some information on the British upper class and women’s thoughts:

Gold!-life on the diggings

This website explains the Chinese perspective of the gold rush:

Electronic Encyclopaedia for Gold in Australia

In this one there is more on the Aboriginal view of the gold rush:

Electronic Encyclopaedia for gold in Australia

What the Irish thought of the gold rush:

The Irish In Ballarat

What the Scottish thought:

The Scottish in Ballarat

What the Jewish thought:

The Jewish People in Ballarat
This information page tells you about the life of convict settlers in Australia:

A Convict Story

Channel seven is currently showing a  series about Australian history called Australia: The Story of us. It is on Sunday nights and their is always a different part of history they show. Watch it on Sunday nights or use this hyperlink to watch it any time:

Australia: The Story of us

This BTN article is about life for some of the convict kids that came across on the First Fleet in 1788:



For my presentation we had to find facts about our topic we were researching (My partner and I were resarching William Buckley) found some websites I thought were really clear and precise. Here are the websites:

Anzac Day:

In one of my post I wrote about Anzac Day. Here are the websites I was telling you about:


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