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100wc As I stared into the water, it began to turn green.

I jogged along the coastline and waved to a few people, so far no one’s noticed. They all smile at me and wave back, no one’s rude enough to look into my pocket. Even though I’m a teenager, they still give me that respect. But that’s pretty much the only respect I’ll get. Which is why, I can’t wait to be an adult. I glance around to check no one’s here, and sit on the sand right next to the water. I quickly drop it in, not sure exactly what it’ll do. And as I stared into the water, it began to turn green.

Here’s the link to the prompt:

Buddies Healthy Food Day

On the 2nd of June, the 5/6’s did a very special event with their prep buddies. See, the prep buddies were learning about eating healthy, and they wanted to share that learning with the 5/6s. So, on the day that the 5/6’s go see them (every Thursday we help them with an activity), they were surprised and excited to find out that they were going to create a healthy piece of art! They were to help the buddies create a face out of healthy pieces of fruit and vegetables, and then you could make one yourself The base had to be a piece of wholegrain bread, though you didn’t have to make one at all.

This is the one my buddy made:


Overall, this activity was the most fun I’ve had with my buddie this year, and it was a great learning experience.

I Got This Hat- Simultaneous Reading

The wind blowed on my face as I sat in the grubby wood of the boat. My mind wandered to another world as my hair stretched out behind me. What would it be like in this new country? Will they welcome us? Immigrants aren’t welcomed that often, especially if it’s a country like Australia. My hands start shaking as I finish my final creation. A green beanie, with dark green strips around it. This beanie will go down generations into my family, and they’ll tell my story. This story. Of how a hat was born on the borders of their 2 countries. Greece, and Australia.

100wc Swam, Thunder, Orange, Silence, Pajamas

I swam into the heart of the sea, the waves crashing like thunder. The orange sunset was drowning from existence, and I still hadn’t made it. I hadn’t made it, yet.  My head collided with a wave, the silence overtaking everything. The silence almost killing me. The water overlapped as I pushed out from underneath. But when I came up, I immediately wanted to drown. Because in the distance, I saw something that made my heart stop. I saw a pair of pajamas, my brother’s pair. My brother who I lost in the storm. My brother, who I now know, is dead.


This week my personal learning goal is to use the right tense. I have a big problem remembering which tense to use, and to use it throughout the whole piece. So this week I’ve decided to make that my personal goal, and I think I have achieved it well.


Here is the prompt:

100wc Suddenly

Suddenly, the door opened.

Suddenly, I was in a white, empty room.

Suddenly, the door smashed behind me.

Suddenly, music was blaring around the room, cracking into the walls, and my skull.

Suddenly, I was on the floor, my hands pressing into my head.

Suddenly I couldn’t cope anymore, the music was too loud.

Suddenly I’d given up hope.

Suddenly, the music stops.

Suddenly, the door opens, and she walks in.

Suddenly she glares at me, curiosity filling her eyes.

Suddenly the door closes, with a soft thud.

Suddenly she spoke, and I wish she hadn’t.

Suddenly she said “Your supposed to be dead.”


This is the prompt:

100wc A Can

I could see the lights reflection on me as I passed by the ocean. The tide was crashing by as I stumbled across my new enemy. I glanced up at the sign next to me, fearing the worst. It was world environment day. I felt their presence, their glares sizzling everything inside of me. Within a minute, I was surrounded. I dodged some of the darting hands coming towards me, but you can be only so lucky. Eventually they had caught me and the 7 bins awaited, 6 glowing like never before. Those bins terrified me, and no one will ever know why.


This week I have been trying to write from different perspective in my writing. For example, instead of writing from the main characters point of view, you go to the enemy/best friend’s point of view.  I contributed this goal into my writing this week by using the prompt in a different way. The prompt was a picture of 6 bright green bins with different things to put in each, but I didn’t make my story about them. I made my story about the side line character, a can. It includes the bins in the story, but it’s mostly about the can and its backstory on how it got to the bins in the first place.

Life and Death 100wc (the door opened and there it was)

The door opened and there it was. It looked fragile, somewhat gentle. The dark shade of pink started right in the core, then stretched itself out till the tips of the edges were a glow of baby pink. The sunlight gave it strength, what it needed most. There’s nothing like it, except one thing. It’s told that there is another one, but instead of it healing people, it poisons them. The colour says it all, starting of a midnight blue to a dark eggplant colour. No one knows where it is, but I have found the other one. The one which I need to survive.


100wc prompt:

2016 blog intro

Hello everyone and welcome to 2016! Hope where ever you are you’re having fun and enjoying this year as much as you can. My teacher this year is called Antony, but we call him Ant. Like always, a new class full of different people, this shall be fun! I’m still posting things like my 100wc and projects on here so please still comment!

Thanks and

Best of luck for whatever you have planned! 🙂

100wc The Creature

You know the phrase “Walking down memory lane”, well I’m doing that. Literally, I’m walking down my street thinking about the memories. The ones I will leaving. The out of date cottages, the flowers in the bushes. But I’m came to see one special thing in particular. The white creature. This creature has gone with me from thick and thin, and it’s never let me down at being there to support me. It’s going to be hard leaving everything and everyone but I’ll miss this creature the most. But it’s not the creature itself I will miss, it’s the memories I had with it.


(This isn’t my 100wc)


We marched in the mud, the young and the old.

We parade the streets, our heads held low.

We journey through the mountains, snow holding us down.

We tread the hills and tramp the ground.

We stride and strut through mainlands, the grass screams with death.

We stomp across the villages, knowing the life here is best.

We patrol the peasants with us, not understanding what they did.

We pound the pavement with our guns, our lives like a bid.

We moved out of base  and step out onto the battlefield.



The long wait is over.

We step into the land where everybody wants to be, knowing that we’re safe.