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2015 Aussie News

This week, I saw something on the BTN website  and I thought it was pretty intresting. So here are the facts of the video but this isn’t a BTN reflection.

This is the video:

The start of 2015 went off in a blast! Well, a very quiet one. Everything was going well and it was looking like a great year for Australia. Then, our former P.M. Tony Abbott introduced a very high budget and to make things worse, he supported his friend (Bronwyn Bishop) through the problem of her flying a helicopter (that was 5,227) to a political fundraiser. By this time (September), this country were starting to beak. Luckly, a new P.M came and saved the day!

Here’s a direct quote from Malcolm Turner from Behind the news:

“We’re going to make decisions carefully, consultatively, and listening to – not just talking to – listening to as many people as we can.”


But let’s not forget he anniversaries of this year like how this year is the 100th Anzac anniversary of sending the troops out into WW1. This battle is specifically remembered as the first battle we fought as a nation.

Also we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Uluru and how this year, it was handed back to its original owners, the Aboriginals. This was done through law by Gough Whitlam. This was also remembered with other events in our country like the Wave hill Walk Off (Aboriginals fight for their land and walk the streets with posters and signs).

But there is always a downside to a year and here are those events:

  • In Manus Island (a place for the refugees), there are some upset asylum seekers protesting. Their saying that it’s cruel to be here with the conditions that apply here and having to stay here with those conditions for a long time as well.
  • 2 Australian criminals were executed for the crimes they did in Indonesia. They smuggled $4k’s worth of heroin and were sentenced on the 29th of April 2015. There was 9 of them and they were called “Bali Nine”
  • $64 000 000 000 was wiped from the Australian Stock Exchange last week.


But there is also some pretty odd things and funny things that happened as well. One particular thing was how Johnny Depp got into trouble for taking his dogs to Australia! In the end it was decided that Johnny would either have to end his dogs back to California or e would have to euthanize them. Also some people thought it was time for a new anthem but that didn’t last long.

100wc A Dangerous Fire

Blood was spilling everywhere. The scars on my face burned into me, blades of fire surrounding me. My vision was blurry and my head really ached. The only thing I could see was hot red flashes spiralling into the dark sky. The smoke was getting to me, suffocating me. The world started spinning around, faster and faster it went. I couldn’t hold myself any longer, I couldn’t hold my balance. Next thing I knew I was on the floor, screaming in pain. All I saw was darkness.

A man across the road looked and smiled at me.

“Good” He thought.

“He’s learnt his lesson.”


Reflections From Problem Solvings- Move up Day (4’s reflection)

I can reflect on the problem solving steps and the mathematician’s toolbox and how successful I was.  I know I did well because I know what the problem solving steps are:

  1. Understand the question- what it means
  2. Choose a strategy from the mathematician’s toolbox ( I used Guess, Check and Improve, Test all Possibility and finding a pattern/rule.)
  3.  Give it a go
  4. Check


I learnt the Problem Solving Steps (see up) and I also learnt that when we rate ourselves (in our rating table), that when you rate yourself, it’s more in depth. For example, a 1 isn’t “it’s new to me” in 5/6, it’s a specific sentence that combines into the topic your learning about.


In the future, I want to try and challenge myself more by doing a part called extend. The extend is 3 questions:

  1. Is there another answer?
  2. Can I find all of the answers?
  3. Can I prove I have all the answers?

If I do these questions, I think I will get more out of my time. This goals was important because it makes 5/6 clearer and prepares us for the next level of school.

BTN Albert Einstein

Can you believe that only 100 years ago Albert Einstein told the world about relativity? Back then it was pretty complicated to understand but it made a massive impact on how we thought the world worked. He’s his life story and how he thought of this amazing discovery.

Albert Einstein is a guy with quirks. He didn’t like to wear socks, dropped out of high school, and inspired the looks of yoda but he’s one of the most famous scientists of all time (to be fair, he’s more famous for having some amazing ideas.) One of the most famous discovery of his is relativity. This was found on the 25th of November, 1915, when he showed the world what he was really capable of. This was a moment in history and this discovery still helps us today by getting a better understanding of the universe.

This particular man was born in Germany, 1879 and he was a normal kid. He like to play the violin, had pretty good grades and his best subject was maths. Unfortunately, he dropped out of high school at 15 and tried to get into university, but he failed the exams to get in. So he went to Switzerland and got into university there. He studied to be a teacher and as soon as he graduated, he found out that there wasn’t a job for him so he worked in a patent office. It’s around this time where his mind was ticking with impressive science ideas that he was working on.

1905 was the big break were he published some very important newspapers with a famous formula which he created ( ). But what he thought was his best/most important piece yet was in 1915, when he discovered relativity. It’s about space, time and talks about gravity.


And now, this experiment helped us explain the black holes, how time travel might actually work and how the universe was formed. It’s still helping in the subject’s physics and astronomy. Albert Einstein became famous once this was out, and not just in Switzerland, everywhere!


In 1921, this man won the Nobel Prize for physics. He has made a place in the history books and our life because we are still celebrating relativity 100 years later! But scientists say there is still more we don’t know about from this man’s thinking

I understand how Albert Einstein won the Nobel Prize for physics. He figured out relativity!

I get how he wanted to start in Switzerland since he failed in his exams for uni in Germany. I get how you want a fresh beginning. 

What more don’t we know about Albert Einstein’s inventions and his thinking?

100wc The Creature

You know the phrase “Walking down memory lane”, well I’m doing that. Literally, I’m walking down my street thinking about the memories. The ones I will leaving. The out of date cottages, the flowers in the bushes. But I’m came to see one special thing in particular. The white creature. This creature has gone with me from thick and thin, and it’s never let me down at being there to support me. It’s going to be hard leaving everything and everyone but I’ll miss this creature the most. But it’s not the creature itself I will miss, it’s the memories I had with it.

BTN Paris Attacks

Around the world the news is spreading about Paris and the attacks. There have been some terrorist attacks in Paris and these terrorists have killed 129 people.

Last Friday night in Paris, three groups of terrorists sabotaged some bars and restaurants, a theater whilst in a rock concert and an international soccer stadium when a game was playing. 129 people were killed whilst these attacks and hundreds were injured.

The Islamic State (IS/ISIS) has claimed full responsibility for these attacks and also were responsible for an attack in Lebanon, which was a day earlier and killed 41 people.

In response to this news, the French police have been trying to find the terrorist’s involved (they blew themselves up) and are helping the people throughout the country. Also French planes have started bombing ISIS at the base of Syria. France believes that this will make the terrorists have a harder job at planning another attack. But the world is with France.

Barack Obama (America):“An attack not just on France but it’s an attack on the civilized world.”

Malcolm Turnbull (Australia): “To the people of France, I say on behalf of the Australian people, as we have on so many occasions in the past, we stand shoulder to shoulder with you.”

Also the world is showing Paris its support by putting up monuments and decorating buildings with the colors of the French flag which are blue, white and red.


I understand how Australia is staying side by side with Paris because if we have stuck up for them in the past, why not now?

I also get how the French people would be mad at IS but I don’t think its necessary to blow IS up.


One question I have is: Why did the terrorists attack Paris and not some other place in France or in the world?

Here’s the link:


(This isn’t my 100wc)


We marched in the mud, the young and the old.

We parade the streets, our heads held low.

We journey through the mountains, snow holding us down.

We tread the hills and tramp the ground.

We stride and strut through mainlands, the grass screams with death.

We stomp across the villages, knowing the life here is best.

We patrol the peasants with us, not understanding what they did.

We pound the pavement with our guns, our lives like a bid.

We moved out of base  and step out onto the battlefield.



The long wait is over.

We step into the land where everybody wants to be, knowing that we’re safe.

100wc How could something so tiny

I didn’t get it. How could something so tiny scare everyone? Well, all the girls at least. Which reminds me, I should write this story somewhere else, it’s WAY too noisy hear. Imagine 100 parrots squawking with fear. Well that’s what I’m hearing right now, except they’re girls and their screams are A LOT WORSE. Honestly, I’d take the parrots. Anyway, I should tell you why this story is about girls and parrots, or at least try to explain. See there is this tiny thing in the classroom that’s petrifying the girls, it’s actually quite funny, honestly. It’s a tiny parrot.