Reflection on Report Goals


Have I achieved my goals?

Starting with Literacy, I believe I have achieved this goal really well. I have constantly put this as one of my goals, but now I feel that I have achieved it. This is simply because I tend to write different texts for my 100wc, and I even started to include some facts. There are also times at home when I would think of an idea for a piece of writing, but normally make it a narrative. Now I try to put the idea into a different type of text, and I make them different every time. For example, I could think of something very simple (on the 1st week of holidays I thought of a story about an asthmatic) but instead of making it a narrative, I chose to make it an instructional text of how to use the puffer (with my sister’s help). Sometimes I won’t finish the piece, but most of the time it’s because I don’t like the idea anymore or the genre doesn’t fit the type of text. Another way I know I have achieved this goal is that I am improving in my other types of text, especially poetry and persuasive text (which I use for debates). So I believe that since I have improved, practiced and now have a bigger interest in different types of writing, I feel that I have achieved the goal.


Next is maths, which has been the hardest goal so far. I do know how to multiply the 2 decimals, though I not very confident and I still can have trouble with the decimal point. I have been trying to achieve this goal in simple things like hotmaths and at home. Hotmaths is compulsory, and all I really do is try to answer the question that is shown. But at home, sometimes I will ask my mum for random numbers (most of the time she doesn’t know what I’m talking about) and put them into 2 decimals and try to solve the multiplication. After I’m sure with my answer, I will go onto the calculator and see whether its correct. I still get tripped up with the decimal point, and I’m still no very confident so I believe I can still improve in this goal.


My personal goal was to be more organised with my work, and I believe that has been the only goal I can say that I was already halfway there. I needed to improve on this goal, since I had a lot of books (from school and home activities) and I needed the right ones. Since I always have the right books for when I get to school to my classroom as well as completing my homework every week, I didn’t quite work on that part. I worked on being more organised in my book, so every time someone would need to look at a part, I could just point at it. Everyone uses sub headings for there book, but I used to still have to skim and scan. Now, I know the parts I will need to look at, so I make paragraphs or just on its own sentences, as well as putting astricts or stars next to it. I believe I have achieved this goal, though I will still remember to make the work inside my book as clear as possible (since there are days that I need to remind myself).





I believe that I still need to work on my second goal about maths. I’m still not as confident as I hope I can be, as well as not understanding the multiplication some of the time. If I can continue with this goal till the end of the year, then I will become more confident and will not be confused about the decimals place. Also, since I haven’t completed my goal yet, I need to try to achieve it since it is a goal.


My second goal is new, and will be to work on my angles. I do know how angles work and I do know a bit about them, though the main things is I’m not confident. I do know most angles and what there are called (and their degree), but when it comes down to comparing which angles are which, I can often get confused. Therefore, if I work on this (which we will be doing in class), I feel that I will be more confident in myself, it will be less complicated to and I will solve the problem quicker. This will also make me more confident when helping other classmates in decimals, and I will have less fear that I am wrong (I still help classmates now, though I double check a lot before they believe they have the answer).


My last goal is to summarise more efficiently and to use summarising more often. Sometimes you need to get the point you’re saying across in as few words as possible, so that it’s easier to read and understand. This goal out of all 3 of mine is the one I have to work on the most, but will be the most rewarding for when I complete it (since I’m preparing for high school)

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