100wc “Well, what a start!”

Here’s the website with the prompt: https://100wc.net/week-1-4/

Its music to my ears as I hear the clock strike 20 past 3. A really annoying bell rings, but today I don’t care. Today’s Friday, and that means tomorrow’s the start of the weekend. No school, no waking up early, it’s the life. As soon as I get home I jump onto my bed, my arms and legs spread out wide like a jellyfish. I lean over my bed to grab my laptop, and I throw up. I don’t know why or how but I knew it was just bad luck. And all I thought about the upcoming weekend was.

“Well, what a start!”


My goal for this week was to make my writing more realistic to kids. I like to write about things that can happen, but most kids might not experience it. So this week I wrote about something that actually happened to me, and also a lot of other people to. But I also made sure that people could relate to the start of the story (a kid wanting to get out of school) so if that someone hasn’t had a weekend when their sick (you must be very lucky), you at least might be able to relate to the start of this story.

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