100wc- Extraordinary, Black, Underneath, Poked, Flamingo

The link to the prompt: https://100wc.net/special-writing-project-week6/#more-9744

I was edging towards the back of the enclosure, my heart betting 200 miles per second. I’m surprised I’m still alive, and it’s extraordinary how it haven’t heard me yet. I reckon I’ve crunched about 12 leaves, all making a crackling noise. The worst ones are the black leaves, they leave a mark underneath your shoe. I poked at the wired fence, and questioned how fast I could climb it. I wanted to scream for mum with all my might, but it would hear me. I hear a crunch and I turn around, and I’m face to face with the flamingo. Dammit, I’m dead.

One thought on “100wc- Extraordinary, Black, Underneath, Poked, Flamingo

  1. Hi Adriana,

    I really, really enjoyed your piece! I loved the way you included the prompt words in such a varied and creative fashion. The way you showed feelings through body language was skilled, but the part I liked the most was the one where you added such evocative detail about the crunching leaves… Their noise being a crucial aspect of the story…

    Congratulations on an excellent piece of writing.

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