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Government Goals Term 1

Integrated Studies Goals:

In term 1 we were studying how governments are created and how they create rules and laws for our country/community. We also learnt about the history of the government and all the parties in it as well. Here are my goals from last term about what I wanted to learn about government.

Civic knowledge and understanding

• describe the three levels of government and some of the key functions of each level
• explain the basic elements of Australia’s federal parliamentary system and key democratic principles and values such as freedom of speech and equality before the law

Community engagement

• demonstrate understanding of the roles and responsibilities of leaders, and of democratic processes, when engaging in school and community activities

demonstrate understanding that there are different viewpoints on an issue, and contribute to group and class decision making.

100wc A Can

I could see the lights reflection on me as I passed by the ocean. The tide was crashing by as I stumbled across my new enemy. I glanced up at the sign next to me, fearing the worst. It was world environment day. I felt their presence, their glares sizzling everything inside of me. Within a minute, I was surrounded. I dodged some of the darting hands coming towards me, but you can be only so lucky. Eventually they had caught me and the 7 bins awaited, 6 glowing like never before. Those bins terrified me, and no one will ever know why.


This week I have been trying to write from different perspective in my writing. For example, instead of writing from the main characters point of view, you go to the enemy/best friend’s point of view.  I contributed this goal into my writing this week by using the prompt in a different way. The prompt was a picture of 6 bright green bins with different things to put in each, but I didn’t make my story about them. I made my story about the side line character, a can. It includes the bins in the story, but it’s mostly about the can and its backstory on how it got to the bins in the first place.

BTN Brussels Terrorist Attacks

Here is the link to the website BTN and the story:

Blue= Facts

Red= Understandings

Green= Questions


In the country of Belgium (Europe), there have been 2 tourist attacks, and both shook the world. I found out about one of the attacks from a site called BTN, here’s how it happened:


At around 8.00am in Brussels (the capital city of Belgium), was when the bombing happened. It was targeted at the international airport and at the nearby train station. 31 people were killed and many others were injured.


Later, the terrorist group who were responsible, owned up (Islamic State). They are the same group who laid the attacks on Paris last year, and killed 130 people.

Police and counter-terrorism officers in Belgium quickly took charge of this situation, and started arresting anyone who was suspected involved with this crime. Also, intelligent groups from around Europe helped out, stating that they promise to collaborate more so they can stop these attacks from happening again in the future.


But what some people don’t know, is that when the bombing was taking place, there happened to be a primary school just meters away from the crime scene. Many students were worried for their parents, especially the ones whose parent/s worked at the airport or train station. Some are wondering why the airport has shut down, others just want to talk about the attacks. But most were just happy that their family and friends weren’t hurt, and that’s the most important thing.


But this crime has shaken the world! We’ve decided that we are taking a stand to this terrorism, joining in with Paris and Belgium in the fight. Presidents around the world are giving their speeches and their say to what they believe about this case.

Some are talking about how we honour the Belgian people and they have our prays. Others are saying we need to fight this war and make sure they never win. But most are honouring the ones who were killed, stating that they were innocent and we need to stand up to these people.


Landmarks were lit up across the world, showing the colours of red, yellow and black (the colours of the Belgium flag). People laid candles and flowers on the street in consideration of the ones who lost their life. And this was not just in Brussels, flowers and candles were laid as far as Russia and Australia!

There were also pictures of people who died posted on social media, showing support for the Belgium people at a difficult time like now.



I understand how the people in Belgium were terrified, they had to deal with bombs going off around you, and not knowing whether if your family is all right or not (if they’re working at the airport or the train station).


2 questions I have are:

  1. Why did the terrorist pick Brussels to attack? Why Paris?
  2. How many terrorist are there in the group? Would they attack Australia soon?

BTN Refugee Camp and Soccer

Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green = Questions


In Iraq, many kids live in a refugee camp, and it’s not that great of an experience. But when the Arsenal Ladies Captain, Alex Scott comes for a visit, it becomes a whole lot better! She came to the camp to give the kids a bit of fun, and also to teach them some pretty good soccer moves! It’s all set up by Arsenal (the soccer team) and a charity called Save the Kids.


More than 3.3 million people are refugees in Iraq and most of them are kids! They all left to escape the fighting and went somewhere else. Most of them ended up in these camps, because they have nowhere else to go. Now, this soccer program helps these people to have a fun and happy time without stressing. But it also teaches them teamwork and how to focus on a goal.



I now understand that there is way more people to look up to than just the famous celebrity’s. These kids are a real inspiration to a lot of people, including me.


Some questions I have are:

  1. What camp did Alex Scott go to?
  2. Did she go to more than one camp?


Here is the link to the video:

Chemistry Term 2 Goals

Science Goals:

I understand.. :

• Changes to materials can be reversible, such as melting, freezing, evaporating; or irreversible, such as burning and rusting.

I can.. :

• Decide which variable should be changed and measured in fair tests and accurately observe, measure and record data, using digital technologies as appropriate.


Literacy Goal:

• Use strategies to help me read and understand scientific texts that use tier 3 scientific language.

• Create scientific explanations and lab reports that follow a conventional outline and that clearly communicate my understanding.

Maths Goal:

• Construct and use a range of representations, including tables and graphs, to represent and describe observations, patterns or relationships in data using digital technologies as appropriate.

Through the eyes of a child

The link to the prompt is here:

I squeeze my little fingers around the door, my eyes full of curiosity. I glimpse around as I crawl out of my little room and (accidentally) into the dresser. As soon as I fell into it, I realized that it was more comfy in here than in my bed! What a rip off! Now I know what Mum and Dad hide from me, they have clouds in their room! Unfair! Uh no, Mum’s coming! Hide in the clouds! But I don’t have time because a white light came upon me (I think it’s the sunlight from the window) and mum’s face appears. Busted!


The story is about how a baby actually thinks and its experience in a sock draw! 🙂

BTN Port Arthur Attack

Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green = Questions

Here is the link to this BTN video:


On the 28th of April, in the Tasmanian town of Port Phillip, there was a crime scene. This crime happened 20 years ago and changed a lot of lives.


April 28th, 1996. A horrific day when at 2.30am, a killing spree happened. In one of the most popular tourist destination, Port Phillip was the place to go. That was until murderer Martian Bryant murdered 35 people and injured 23 others. From that day forth, Port Phillip was known as the one of the worst sites for killing sprees in Australia. And, it is known as one of deadliest shooting (by a single person) in the whole world! Luckily, Bryant got a gigantic 35 life sentence in prison, and more than 1000 years without parole.

And since he used a gun while murdering these unfortunate people, Australia made the rules a lot tougher to have a gun, including having to be screened and checked first. And if you didn’t know, it was actually common in Australia to have a gun! You would walk down a shopping street and you would normally come across a gun shop, where even some kids could buy at gun (only at some)! There were approximately 3 million in the country!

Anyway, when this calling happened, more than 1 million guns were brought in, especially when the government offered to buy the guns so they could destroy them. After that, gun-related deaths started dropping! In fact, from 1996 to 2014, it has halved while our population has grown! And this all started happening while in the 80”s when the states and territories were thinking about stricter gun laws!


But when you think of your success with the gun laws, let’s not forget the lives lost in that attack. Some say that was too great of a cost, and 20 years on, many still say that the cost was too much. May they rest in peace and remind everyone of how dangerous guns can be.


An Insight I had while watching the article was:

I realised how upsetting this news was to everyone. I understand how everyone said it was a nightmare and that it’s shaken everyone because one person changed everyone’s life, and ended some as well.


Some questions I had while watching this BTN was:

  1. Approximately, how many people owned guns in Australia before this event took place?
  2.  What made guns so popular in the first place?



The Dot

I looked closely at the thin paper, not believing what I saw. It wasn’t anything bizarre, like it was changing colour. Or that there was hidden messages inside it. Or, I saw a unicorn dance on the borders of it, along with a pegasus (that’s when I know I’m really mad!) No, I saw something that was more frightening, more realistic. On this thin piece of paper, there was a dot. A terrible dot, why? Because my wicked eyes were telling me that the dot was…growing. It might be a little thing but the dot just grew and grew until all I saw was black.

BTN- Governor General or GG

Blue: Facts

Red: Understandings

Green: Questions


Here is the link to this video from BTN:


So, if I asked you who the most powerful person in Australia was, what would be your first answer? Well, most would say the prime minister. But there is actually someone else who has more power than him, someone who could actually fire the prime minister! Well, this person is the Governor General and their spot is up for grabs! Last week we were told we were getting a new one, here’s more on this role.


In jobs, there are ups and downs. It could be loads of fun, but hard work. It could be with friends, but enemies as well. In this job, there are a lot of ups and downs but let’s just start with the ups…

  1. You get your own VIP jet to fly around in.
  2. You get a mansion to live in
  3. An amazing holiday house for the weekends where you just want to get away.
  4. A lot of money (salary).
  5. A fleet of cars to get around when you need to.

6. YOU GET TO FIRE THE PRIME MINISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If necessary)


So it sounds like the dream, but this job is actually real! It is called the Governor General of Australia, and believe it or not, we’ve only had 1 woman for the job! She is called Quentin Bryce and she’s was the first ever female Governor General for Australia! (That was accomplished when she got the job in 2008.)


But our Governor General is General Peter Cosgrove. He’s called General because he was in the Australian Defense Force for a while and at one point, became the chief! He’s also known for leading international forces in East Timor, making the country independent in 1999. He also led the clean up after Cyclone Larry hit in 2006, and which he was retired. He has done many other things amongst the years and has been keeping himself busy.

But really, what is a governor general and what does this guy have to do?


Well, Australia is a monarchy (as we are ruled by the queen) but our leader lives in England. So, she needs someone to represent her in parliament, otherwise known as the Governor General. They don’t have a big say in how our country is run, but they have a big responsibility to make sure it’s all done the right way.


Some of the things they have to do is:

  1. Approve new laws
  2. Officially appoint new judges and officials

And other things…

They also can fire the prime minister if they have a really good reason. It’s very uncommon of them to do so, because it would cause a lot of drama. But it has happened before, but the last time it was done was a long time ago. In 1975, John Kerr (The Governor General) fired the former prime minister, Gough Whitlam. It caused a lot of drama, so the job is a very serious matter.


But that’s not all they do in this job! They have to go to events all around the country, and they have to go overseas to represent Australia! They also have to take part in community gatherings and they have to meet A LOT of people. And the last Governor General who was Quentin Bryce (2015), went to more than one function every day! So it might seem like fun at the start, but it’s a lot of hard work in the end.


My understanding is that if you became the Governor General, you would have to be very passionate about the job, very hard working to get everything done, and be a very welcoming people’s person!


2 Questions I have are:

  1. Is there a symbol for this role like there is for the House of Representatives?
  2. Who was the first governor general?




  1. Unfortunately the Governor General don’t have a symbol in Australia.

But in Canada there’s this one:


And the Symbol for the House of Representatives is actually for the U.S. Here’s it:File:Seal of the United States House of Representatives.svg



  1. The first Governor General for Australia was John Adrian Louis Hope, 7th Earl of Hopetoun who was appointed on the 1st of January, 1901. He was the Governor General for 2 years and 8 days and is the youngest governor general that we have ever had! He started the role at 40, but ended up later dying at 47. In Australia, he is remembered as Lord Hopetoun.