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100wc Dreams (Fly, Row, Lie, Sweet, Chips)

The sweet air flew around me, chasing after the dreams that used to fill my head. How I would fly around and save everyone from disaster, a simple lie to my creative mind. The cogs in my head were always turning, always spinning, always twisting. They would row back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, until you lost count and had to give up.

The smell of potatoes cooking in the oven filled my nose with flavour, bringing me back to reality. Ah, imagine if those potatoes were chips!

But you have to live in the moment, or else the moment will go.



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BTN Australia Day (what’s it really about)

Australian Day is on the 26th of January and it’s a national public holiday. A lot of Australians actually don’t know why we celebrate this day, here’s why:


At first, we celebrated this day because it’s when the First Fleet arrived at Australia, more than 200 years ago. They landed in Camp Cove, Port Jackson (or Cadi to the Cadigal people), where Captain Arthur Phillip stood in 1788. At that moment, he claimed Australia as a British Colony.


At first, this day was called Foundation Day and people did a lot of plays about its history (First Fleet). We also used to celebrate this public holiday on the closest Monday to January 26th, instead of celebrating on the actual day. But in 1994, all of Australia agreed we should celebrate this day on the 26th of January. Also, in 1935, only then did we start calling it “Australia Day”.


By now, Australia Day means a lot of different things for different people. The National Australia Day Council says it’s a day to be proud of Australia and proud of being Australian. But for others, it’s a day of sadness and protest’s.


In 1988, we celebrated how we have been on this country for 200 years. But some didn’t celebrate, 15 000 Aboriginal people protested for freedom, justice and hope. Today, many Aboriginals use this day to remember their ancestors who suffered and died after the European Settlement

And Reconciliation Australia believes that we should acknowledge the rights of land the Indigenous People acquire in our society’s history.


This date is full commemoration’s, one of the most known and famous commemoration’s is on the eve of Australia Day. This function is the Australian of the Year Awards (given by the Prime Minister) and these awards go to citizens that achieved something that helps other people. For example, last year’s winner was Professor Ian Frazer, who helped develop a cure for cervical cancer. But there can be also famous people like Cathy Freeman, Steve Waugh and Pat Rafter who have all gotten it as well.


But Australian of the Year isn’t the only section, there is Senior Australian of the Year (60 and over), Young Australian of the year (16 to 25), and Australia’s local heroes. And after all of those awards are presented, there’s a free concert! Around 35 000 people go to this concert (which is at the front of the Parliament House, Canberra), and it’s called Australia Day Live. This concert is shown on television all around the country and some very famous Australian’s perform (Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy, Justice Crew, and Russell Crowe have all performed).

All these events take place to represent the different cultures that represent Australia


I understand that Australia day isn’t just about the First Fleet arriving, it’s also can be a sad and upsetting day for some people.


How many other countries have a day like Australia Day?

What are those holidays called?

Green= Questions

Red= Understanding

Blue= Facts

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100wc when the connection broke…

When the connection broke, that’s when all hell broke loose. People were screaming at each other, trying to get their opinion to be heard. Even though it didn’t matter. Tables and chairs were thrown to the floor in anger, glass thrown at people heads. Yet no one cried out in pain. The noise in the room made everyone’s ears bleed. But does anyone really care?

I look at the man sitting next to me, perfectly calm in this scene of chaos. He rolled his eyes and looked at his watch.

“This is crazy” I mumbled, looking around me.

“Nope, this is politics” he replied.

BTN- Constitution

This BTN was about what a constitution is and what some of the rules in there are.

A constitution is a set of rules that guides a state, country or any other political organisation governed. This document goes to all 22 million people in Australia, including the prime minister and the politicians. It can’t be overruled.  But there are changes to it, like the rule about Aboriginal’s and Torres Strait Islander’s not counting in our country. See, at the start this document didn’t treat all of the Australians equally. The Aboriginal’s and Torres Strait Islander’s lived here more than 40,000 before this document was made, but they weren’t counted as a member of Australia like everyone else. And to top it all off, they weren’t included in any votes for a new law or able to vote for a party for prime minister. It was like this till 1967, when Australia voted on whether we should allow the Aboriginal’s and Torre Strait Islanders vote and be known as a member of our country.  This type of vote is a yes or no vote only, and everyone over 18 has to vote. They only do this type of voting to change something in the constitution. This type of voting is called a referendum. For this change to happen, you need a yes from more than half of the vote and you need more than half the votes for more than half the states! As you can see, it’s not easy for a yes vote to win, but in 1967, it did! Australian voted to get rid of two lines against the Aboriginals as it was a big win for us to finally have everyone equal.

But we still don’t recognise that our country’s first people were Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander peoples, but were working on that!

I understand that a constitution is a set of guidelines, but we can add to them and take some rules away to suit our rights and values as a country.

My questions are

  1.  How many people said no to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander vote?
  2. What would it be like now if the vote ended up a no for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders?


Blue= Facts

Green= Questions

Red= Understandings

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100wc Statues of the dead

Peaceful. That’s how I remember it. Peaceful and full of happiness. Yet I knew something was wrong. I knew that someone was watching us, but I didn’t know who (at the time). It was a mystery, and an unsolved crime to the police. They still didn’t know who’d did it. It couldn’t have been long ago, what 45 years? Where I sat and watched little kids play, the bush’s behind me dancing to a soft wind. Those statues they built after us, a model picture of me and those poor two strangers. A picture of what my last conversation was, my last words to anyone.


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100wc My brother’s a superhero!

My brother looks up to me and smiles. He’s shorter than me in the hospital bed.
“It’s going to be alright, it’s not life threatening.”
“I know, but it still kills to see you like this!”
He grinned, I groaned.
“I mean it hurts to see you like this, that’s all.”
“You still said it”
We both start laughing. Then silence. I focus on him. There so much I need to tell him. Like I wish he’d never got DDH (Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip). And how I could tell him I love him. Because he’s my brother. He’s my superhero.

Buddies Reflection

On the 25th of February, we went to meet our buddies for the first time. I think everyone was excited and couldn’t wait to meet their buddy. Once we met them, we would read out a letter we wrote to them about ourselves, do a coloring in sheet and then eat lunch. This program was created because the 5/6’s get to work on leadership skills, how to take a responsibility like this (for the future) and to be a role model for their buddy.

I learnt that the buddies program is mainly for the buddies to learn but you end up learning something yourself!

My buddies name is Ambre. She is nice, funny, confident and a great kid. I am so lucky to have her and she has an amazing personality! This is a picture of her and me doing our coloring in: