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100wc (Gas, Swimming, Dancer, Green, Likely)

I shuddered as I saw the dancer swimming along the water. The water was a dark shade of green, it was likely that it was filled with seaweed. The lake was about 14 miles long and 1 mile wide. A gas filled the air, the smell of rotten flesh. I looked towards the smell, a fish laid on the sand, dead. The boneless body would soon be washed out to sea. The dancer swirled around in the water, combining dancing with swimming as if it was the easiest thing you could do. She quickly dived underwater, than vanished. She never came back up.

SRC Speech 2016

SRC Speech

Dear Antony and Classmates,

Today I will be telling you about the qualities I have to make a perfect SRC representative for our class. I will be talking about some skills I have like public speaking, being devoted, sensible and a positive person. Now, I will talk to you about why I should be an SRC for this class.


I have had many opportunities to practice my public speaking skills and I believe I am quite good at it now. There has been times where there was a lot of people in the audience, like at assembly last year, with over 300 people when I did the green teams announcements. And there were times where it was just my class, like when we did class masters. An SRC has to be good at speaking in front of a crowd because they will be presenting in front of the class and sometimes they will read out a summary of how the SRC is going at assembly. They have to be brave and confident to stand up in front of everybody. Now, I believe that if I become the SRC for this class, it would be a good opportunity to show these skills to you and put them in use, because I believe I can use them well. That concludes my first reason, now let’s go on to my second, about how devoted I am and can be, to a job I would be involved with.


I am very devoted and sensible. I always put 100% into my work and am very committed to my jobs. Like recently, my uncle gave me a large box of business cards to write on by a week and I was done in half the time I was expected to. I was dedicated to finish them off and when you put your mind to something, you get it done, which was exactly what I did. I feel that if I get this role, I can keep on being motivated to put in 100% and it would means a lot to me if I could keep on doing that. That’s another reason why I would be a great SRC representative, here’s my lucky last one.


I am a very positive person. I like to make people happy and make them laugh. So it’s pretty obvious that if an SRC needs to be chosen and the person has to be positive, you should come to me.  A reason why you need to be positive in the SRC is because if you are more positive, it’s easier to work with you. And a collaborative person is a great example of who you would want as your SRC, and I am a very collaborative person. If I get this role, it will not only give me an opportunity to use these skills but to practice them as well. This is my last and most valid reason why I should become the SRC representative for this class.



In conclusion, I should be the class’s SRC representative because I’m good at public speaking, I always try 100% and I am a very positive person.

Thank you!

Life and Death 100wc (the door opened and there it was)

The door opened and there it was. It looked fragile, somewhat gentle. The dark shade of pink started right in the core, then stretched itself out till the tips of the edges were a glow of baby pink. The sunlight gave it strength, what it needed most. There’s nothing like it, except one thing. It’s told that there is another one, but instead of it healing people, it poisons them. The colour says it all, starting of a midnight blue to a dark eggplant colour. No one knows where it is, but I have found the other one. The one which I need to survive.


100wc prompt:

Why you are lucky to have me in your class

Dear Antony,

There is many reasons why you are lucky to have me in your class, but I’ll just name a few.


Firstly, I am a very motivational and collaborative person! If someone is not believing in themselves and giving up, I would straight away tell them that they can do it and that if they put their mind to it, they can do anything! An example of that is when last year, in ce-pep, I would be yelling encouragement from the sidelines every time I was off as a substitute. And if we have to work in a different group of people that we don’t normally work with, I would be the first person to introduce myself and get started on working together on whatever work were doing. An example of that is when I went to the first green team meeting for the captains. I knew everyone at the meeting but I hadn’t worked with most of the captains before, so I had to collaborate with everyone. That’s a reason why you should know how promising it is that I’m in your class.


Secondly, I love helping people! If I ever saw someone in need of help (in class or outside), I would always try to find a solution to their problem. And if I didn’t I would give my best suggestion and if I knew someone who wouldn’t mind helping them. I have helped a lot of people in class and outside but I remember one example pretty well.  It was early this year and there was a person who came up to me and told me they needed help trying to find their books. In the end, we found them and all was good.


So know you realize how lucky you are that I’m in your class because I’m collaborative and is motivational to people, I love helping people and I never give up.