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100wc week #13

I looked down. It was too high, WAY too high. How am I supposed to do this? I turn and  sprint out, but the mob of boys pushed me back. They started advancing towards me, pushing me closer to the edge.

“You said you could do it, do it” one of the boys sneered at me.

I look around. No one want’s me to succeed at this, they all want me to fall. Why, because I’m the most unpopular boy at school and lie about everything, including this. I was about to fall of the cliff until I heard a voice.

“Stop” a girl spoke.

2015 Aussie News

This week, I saw something on the BTN website  and I thought it was pretty intresting. So here are the facts of the video but this isn’t a BTN reflection.

This is the video:

The start of 2015 went off in a blast! Well, a very quiet one. Everything was going well and it was looking like a great year for Australia. Then, our former P.M. Tony Abbott introduced a very high budget and to make things worse, he supported his friend (Bronwyn Bishop) through the problem of her flying a helicopter (that was 5,227) to a political fundraiser. By this time (September), this country were starting to beak. Luckly, a new P.M came and saved the day!

Here’s a direct quote from Malcolm Turner from Behind the news:

“We’re going to make decisions carefully, consultatively, and listening to – not just talking to – listening to as many people as we can.”


But let’s not forget he anniversaries of this year like how this year is the 100th Anzac anniversary of sending the troops out into WW1. This battle is specifically remembered as the first battle we fought as a nation.

Also we celebrated the 30th anniversary of Uluru and how this year, it was handed back to its original owners, the Aboriginals. This was done through law by Gough Whitlam. This was also remembered with other events in our country like the Wave hill Walk Off (Aboriginals fight for their land and walk the streets with posters and signs).

But there is always a downside to a year and here are those events:

  • In Manus Island (a place for the refugees), there are some upset asylum seekers protesting. Their saying that it’s cruel to be here with the conditions that apply here and having to stay here with those conditions for a long time as well.
  • 2 Australian criminals were executed for the crimes they did in Indonesia. They smuggled $4k’s worth of heroin and were sentenced on the 29th of April 2015. There was 9 of them and they were called “Bali Nine”
  • $64 000 000 000 was wiped from the Australian Stock Exchange last week.


But there is also some pretty odd things and funny things that happened as well. One particular thing was how Johnny Depp got into trouble for taking his dogs to Australia! In the end it was decided that Johnny would either have to end his dogs back to California or e would have to euthanize them. Also some people thought it was time for a new anthem but that didn’t last long.

100wc A Dangerous Fire

Blood was spilling everywhere. The scars on my face burned into me, blades of fire surrounding me. My vision was blurry and my head really ached. The only thing I could see was hot red flashes spiralling into the dark sky. The smoke was getting to me, suffocating me. The world started spinning around, faster and faster it went. I couldn’t hold myself any longer, I couldn’t hold my balance. Next thing I knew I was on the floor, screaming in pain. All I saw was darkness.

A man across the road looked and smiled at me.

“Good” He thought.

“He’s learnt his lesson.”


Reflections From Problem Solvings- Move up Day (4’s reflection)

I can reflect on the problem solving steps and the mathematician’s toolbox and how successful I was.  I know I did well because I know what the problem solving steps are:

  1. Understand the question- what it means
  2. Choose a strategy from the mathematician’s toolbox ( I used Guess, Check and Improve, Test all Possibility and finding a pattern/rule.)
  3.  Give it a go
  4. Check


I learnt the Problem Solving Steps (see up) and I also learnt that when we rate ourselves (in our rating table), that when you rate yourself, it’s more in depth. For example, a 1 isn’t “it’s new to me” in 5/6, it’s a specific sentence that combines into the topic your learning about.


In the future, I want to try and challenge myself more by doing a part called extend. The extend is 3 questions:

  1. Is there another answer?
  2. Can I find all of the answers?
  3. Can I prove I have all the answers?

If I do these questions, I think I will get more out of my time. This goals was important because it makes 5/6 clearer and prepares us for the next level of school.