100wc Teddy Bears

This is the prompt:

People were waving at me, smiling as we drove along. Ah, the satisfaction of making people happy. Nothing better than that.


“Stop that” Jacob said, turning the driver’s wheel.

“Stop what” I reply

“You know what”

“Being nice?”

“NO, I mean, I want us to look cool, be the cool guys for once”

“Well, that’s not gonna happen”

“Why not”

“Because were not GUYS!”


“We can’t be cool guys if were not guys!”

“Yeah we can!”

“Well, everyone finds us cute, not handsome”

‘Well maybe when we’re waving at them!”


This remark shut me up. But it didn’t stop me from waving at people!


One thought on “100wc Teddy Bears

  1. Dear Adriana,

    As usual another remarkable story! I like how you made it so the bears had attitude and how there was an argument that goes on throughout the story. Next time however maybe you can go a little further into specifics (e.g. make the genders of the “guys” more specific). Otherwise brilliant!

    From Zara 🙂

    P.S. Loved your debate speech!

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