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Performing Arts Reflection

This term in Art we learned about stop-motion. We had to do a project on it and a reflection. What we did was make a stop-motion movie and I think I learned quite a lot. And it wasn’t all about stop-motion either.

What I enjoyed:
Something I enjoyed was making the figure puppets for the stop motion. It was fun to mix and match colors, patters and textures on a little figure puppet. Also it was a monster so it was very creative and it was cool to see what people created. Also I liked taking some pictures because you could test the angles and lenses of the I pad we used (zoom in or out-lenses).
What I can work on:
Next time what I can improve on is not worrying if we’re going to finish on time or if we have too many pictures. I realize it will always end up okay and it just gives you a headache if you worry about it. In my next art project, I will try to achieve my goal of not worrying about the project I would be working on.
What I think of this project:
I think this project was a great idea and was very successful! It was a good project because it helped kids use our imagination and then see how it could be turned into a production. It also helped kids do art (by painting the puppet), then use modern technology (Ipad) and the most important one; to work together as a group (because we had to work with people you don’t normally hang around with). At the start of this unit, I was a very low score. Now I think I am higher into the 7’s and 8’s (in knowledge).

Prepared Speech for Class Masters

Income tax is a tax that is paid on the money that a person or business receives as income, or in other words received as money earned from work. If you are under 18 or a full time student who is 21 to 24, you have to pay higher (if you’re doing work). This rule applies so that parent’s don’t spend their income on their children.

The income tax has 5 columns to it. The first one says that if you earn $0-18,200 you’ll pay no money. The second row is that if you get $18,201-37,000 you will have to pay 19c for each 1 over 18,000. It keeps on going on like that until you get to the last column, the fifth. That column explains that if you have $180,001 or over, you will have to pay $54,547 plus 45c for each for each $1 over 180,000. Maybe being rich isn’t so good.

An example of income tax is if you get $100 a week, and since there is 52 weeks in a year, you would have $5,200. So you would fit your money into the correct column on the income table, so if I had this money I would pay nothing. But if I got 33,000 a week, I would be in the second column because I have more money. How much you spend on income tax depends on how much you earn.

Thank you for listening to my speech.

BTN Public Money

Politicians around the world get allowances from tax. This money is supposed to be used for meetings, traveling overseas and going around Australia for work.  

So this is basically saying that these politicians don’t pay for these trips out of their salaries because it’s part of their work. But if the boss seas you spending the money poorly, then you’re in trouble.

One of these politicians, Bronwyn Bishop, in now in the spotlight for NOT using her money wisely. Bronwyn Bishop is the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and she’s not happy.

Last year, Bronwyn flew in a luxury helicopter to a political fundraiser. This helicopter ride was $5 000.  If she had taken a car, it would of taken her and hour and a half and not make her spend any money! Her party made the decision that taking that expensive helicopter ride was NOT using the money properly.

Bronwyn Bishop now is repaying the money and realizes it’s an error. But the catch is that she doesn’t think it’s and complete error. She said that it was still in the rules, seeing that it was for work.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the only way the pollie haven’t been using the money the way we want it. People from all groups of politics have been criticized. That’s why some people reckon the rules need to be made clearer and stricter so no one can be accused of wasting money.

I understand how people say that it was wrong. You should be able to trust politicians and not what to pay tax for a helicopter ride they aren’t even going to be in!

I also understand how you would be very upset that she didn’t really break the rules. It would be so frustrating!

A question I have is what were the things that the other politicians spent on tat the public didn’t like?

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