Junk Ads For Kids

The government wishes to improve the health of our country so they have just finished a two year report on how to stop people smoking, drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy food. Now there are tougher rules for junk food ads to go on kids TV. But some health experts think it’s not enough.
3 in 10 Australian kids are now overweight or obese, and if these kids stay this way when they grow up, they will get serious health problems. For example, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Luckily, there is a company who helps us, they called the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). They are in charge of protecting us from seeing anything inappropriate (for kids). For 2 years they have just been looking at hunk food ads.
Their final conclusion of this whole mess was not to ban it because there was no proof that they connect to obese. But they did make some tougher rules. During ‘C’ classified shows (that are made for kids), you now can’t use popular characters and celebrities to make an item look cooler/promote the item.
The bad part of this solution is that commercial stations are now on an average of 5 hours of programming a week! That means that all of that time the new rule doesn’t count and the advertisers can do whatever they want.
Health authorities find this very annoying. They were hoping that the ACMA was going to go further. They want the junk ads to be gone, none at all on any kid’s channel.

I understand how the kids would like the ads to be later at night so that they don’t see them. All of them realize that it’s bad to see junk ads.
I also understand that a lot has changes after 2009 (when this article was formed). There are many more ads and we need to STOP NOW!!!!! It is a big issue and we need to take control.


One question I have is, what are the health authorities (companies) and is their anyone else that is helping this problem, who?

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