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Every ear, 18 thousand tourists go to Africa to hunt loins, elephants, leopards, rhinos and even buffalo’s! But the most shocking thing is that they do it for sport. Since these hunters taker a piece of the animal they hunted, they call this sport trophy hunting. This sport actually isn’t illegal, like poaching. It is legal in many parts of Africa. You do need special permits and designated hunting zones to so it. Also it cost a lot of money to do it. All of that just to kill an animal!

But things are starting to heat up after a famous lion, Cecil, died. He was shot buy a American trophy hunter.

Cecil lived in the Hwange National Park, in Zimbabwe and was a big hit with the tourist’s. He was a relaxed lion, even near humans. He was a big lion study at Oxford University in England.

But when this American hunter killed him he said that he had paid 68 thousand dollars to kill a lion. He also said that he thought he was doing it legally but authorities think his hunting group lured Cecil out of his safe habitat.

When the news struck the world, Cecil’s death sparked anger on social media sites. Many people started saying to stop trophy hunting, because it is cruel and unnecessary. Zimbabwe reacted and makes a new rule that you can’t hunt lions, elephants and leopards in the area around the national park where Cecil died.

Other community’s weren’t satisfied. Some international airlines have now banned people from taking an animal trophy back home with them. In Australia, it’s illegal to bring some animal trophies into the country. But lots of other countries haven’t done it and to make an impact, they need to start NOW!

Here’s the twist. Some people think trophy hunting is actually good! They say, if they follow the rules, they can make trophy hunting a good thing. The industry itself says that in the African countries that do this, they make millions of dollars a year! And some of the money goes to the poor communities.


Some conservationists support trophy hunting, because the money goes to projects which help the endangered animals. They say that the good outweighs the bad.

 I understand how trophy hunting is good because it is going to the poor people but why can’t we just donate money without taking a life?

Also I get how bad it is because their killing innocent animals to make a profit. 

One question I have is, if they have been any other famous deaths, that have been caused by trophy hunting.

What do you think?

Here is the video:

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  1. Now I can tell you put a lot of effort into this BTN because of all your understandings you know have. It’s like a page long! One thing you could improve on is checking over because at the start it says Every Ear instead of Every Year
    Keep up the good work

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