100wc 4th August

I opened the book. All the memories came flooding back.  When I was 5, in the summer, flipping through the book to get a breeze. Or when I was 7, trying to understand the messages in the book. I went to my favorite page. Number 5. I first loved it because it was the first one I could understand. But, in the end I began to learn all of the messages in the book but I still loved number 5 the best. I could connect to it most.  I touched the side of the book. Green, my favorite color. I closed the book.

” For another day” I mumble.

The prompt this week was:

3 thoughts on “100wc 4th August

  1. Hi Adriana,
    I really like your story. Your starting sentence was the same as mine. Your organization is great. Your voice is really clear and it sounds just like you. I like your word choice, it’s very descriptive and it has some tier 2 words in it.
    Keep up the great writing.
    Samantha. 🙂 😉

  2. hi adriana
    i think your ideas are good. this story is well written. when i was writing my 100 wc i was completely idealess

  3. Hi Adriana,
    We loved this 100wc you did this week because you did short, sharp sentences and your word choice was interesting. Something that we questioned on was that you didn’t put in the Prompt writing (“I wish I had known you when”). In my opinion it sounded a lot like you 🙂 you used all the convention for e.g. Capital letters, Full stops, speaking marks etc.

    From Alexis and Mia 🙂

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