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100wc The Dream Job

This is my 100wc. This week I made the story line like a crank teacher and some students in a class. Hope you enjoy 🙂

“Right, everybody listen up. Here are the 6 rules to get a dream job:

  1. Act nice (no one likes a rude person, especially at a job interview).
  2. Answer everything smartly and correctly (so no acting dumb!).
  3. Listen closely and pay attention (you’ll all have to improve on that because right now, you guys would get an F!)
  4. Don’t interrupt the interviewer (trust me it’s annoying, personal experiences).
  5. Follow all these rules (that means you Joe and stop snoring!)
  6. Do well!


“What happens if we fail miss?” Someone asks from the class,

“You all fail and disappoint me deeply.”

My Reflection for my Ad

In this lesson I learnt a lot of things! I realized that there’s more to ads and how they distract you. Now I know how to be an informed customer, know what distracts me and how I can stop it. I learnt a lot in this lesson because I was very interested and we even learnt how to make an ad!

I really got better at learning the strategies of an ad. If you look in page 11 to 12 in my Integrated Studies Book you will see evidence. In general, I learnt the do’s and don’ts of ads, strategies ad use and how to spot strategies. I put a lot of effort into this lesson and I am really proud of it.

This goal was important because it connected to real life. Economics is everywhere in life and needed, so the goal helps us understand how important it is. I feel that I can do the goal very well, since I now know a lot about it. But I don’t think I can teach the class. 🙂

In the future, I will try hard to practice and will keep on understanding different types of economics.



This is my ad:

It’s a TUB!

Junk Ads For Kids

The government wishes to improve the health of our country so they have just finished a two year report on how to stop people smoking, drinking alcohol and eating unhealthy food. Now there are tougher rules for junk food ads to go on kids TV. But some health experts think it’s not enough.
3 in 10 Australian kids are now overweight or obese, and if these kids stay this way when they grow up, they will get serious health problems. For example, heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
Luckily, there is a company who helps us, they called the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). They are in charge of protecting us from seeing anything inappropriate (for kids). For 2 years they have just been looking at hunk food ads.
Their final conclusion of this whole mess was not to ban it because there was no proof that they connect to obese. But they did make some tougher rules. During ‘C’ classified shows (that are made for kids), you now can’t use popular characters and celebrities to make an item look cooler/promote the item.
The bad part of this solution is that commercial stations are now on an average of 5 hours of programming a week! That means that all of that time the new rule doesn’t count and the advertisers can do whatever they want.
Health authorities find this very annoying. They were hoping that the ACMA was going to go further. They want the junk ads to be gone, none at all on any kid’s channel.

I understand how the kids would like the ads to be later at night so that they don’t see them. All of them realize that it’s bad to see junk ads.
I also understand that a lot has changes after 2009 (when this article was formed). There are many more ads and we need to STOP NOW!!!!! It is a big issue and we need to take control.


One question I have is, what are the health authorities (companies) and is their anyone else that is helping this problem, who?

100wc 24th August

Here is my 100wc:
The money from my pocket keeps juggling around
It feels like it weighs as much as the ground.
I don’t have a credit card, as you can see,
And I can’t find my pocket, where can it be?

Shops here and there, going up the mall,
Girls trying on outfits for a ball.
Boys are hanging around, got nothing to do,
As the parents are not in a good mood.

Money from birthdays, how can you spend it?
Looking around, nothing for benefit.
Whoever said that money is power,
Was obviously a grown up and was really sour.
The End
This is the prompt for this week:

BTN- Fairy Business

There is a girl called Samara Welbourne and she likes making fairy houses. She has been making fairy houses for 3 years and she loves it! She started this when she wanted to help the Sippy Creek Animal Refuge. They needed money so they could keep the animals alive. So when her friends and herself raised over $4 000 at her school by making fairy houses, she realized she was good.
Now Samara has made about $2 000 on her fairy houses. Most of them are sitting on her cuboids or cabinets, sometimes they even falling out! Her business is called Enchanted Fairy Houses! She’s taught workshops, held parties for kids and she’s even published her own book!
A lot of people wanted to know how to make fairy houses and if they could take photos. In the end, her mum suggested if she would write a book about it. Samara took the suggestion and made a book called How To Make Fairy Houses. It is the only book that teaches how to make fairy houses. Samara loves to give to her community. She does free fairy house workshops and teaches kids how to make fairy houses at local libraries. Also she give’s 10% of her royalties to the Children’s Hospital Foundations Australia.
Right now, she’s living in Bali with her parents. They’ve been there for 2 years, as the mum volunteers for an organization. In Samara’s spare time, she teaches kids how to make fairy houses. It turns out that a lot of kids haven’t made a fairy house before.
Here are some tips from Samara that would help you run a business.
1. You need to think of a unique idea that people will like

2. You need to advertise. Samara sent some stories to the newspaper and they put it into the newspaper. She said it was a great way to advertise and it was free!

3. You need to have a good idea how much your shop is going to cost (materials). After that, you need to make a profit or a loss sheet. That is when you take the materials cost away from how much you’re getting. This is the last tip.

When Samara goes back to Australia, She’s thinks that she would like to start a Fairy House Festival. In this festival, people can dress up as fairy’s and make fairy houses (She’s also thinking of making the houses in the botanical gardens!).
She said this quote and I agree to it: If you have a dream, don’t give up on it. If it’s not working out just keep going and you’ll get there eventually.
She also thinks that having her own business is cool and that she is proud of what’s she’s done.

I understand how proud someone could be if they were running their own business. It would be a lot of hard work, time and effort into it. And if it’s a success, it would be a great feeling.
I also understand how great it is to help your community. You get a great feeling once you’ve done it and after you know that you’ve done something good.

One question I have is:
How would you gather the time to make a fairy house, let alone run a business.

100wc- John Steinbeck

“If you’re in trouble, or hurt or need – go to the poor people. They’re the only ones that’ll help – the only ones.”

I wish I knew what it had meant. It would of made my life so much easier.  I wish I did go to them, it would of sorted everything out. I wish that I wasn’t in trouble, or hurt or in need at that time. I wish for a lot of things that I don’t get. I got the unlucky number, the unlucky story. I wish for a different character, a different me.

I wish for a miracle.

100wc- Money

I stumble into the car.  I’m shaking as Brian starts the car.

“It will be all right.” He said enthusiastically.  I know he’s trying to make me feel better but even that puts presser on me. In no time at all were there. It’s already started.

“7 000 someone yells

“8 000″ someone screams.  This is it. The time I was dreading.

“1000 000 000 000” I just make it over everyone else’s bet.

People gasp and stutter.

“Selling once, selling twice, selling three times and sold!”

I gasp as the man’s gives me the keys to my new home.

This was the prompt for this week:

BTN- Trophy Hunting

Every ear, 18 thousand tourists go to Africa to hunt loins, elephants, leopards, rhinos and even buffalo’s! But the most shocking thing is that they do it for sport. Since these hunters taker a piece of the animal they hunted, they call this sport trophy hunting. This sport actually isn’t illegal, like poaching. It is legal in many parts of Africa. You do need special permits and designated hunting zones to so it. Also it cost a lot of money to do it. All of that just to kill an animal!

But things are starting to heat up after a famous lion, Cecil, died. He was shot buy a American trophy hunter.

Cecil lived in the Hwange National Park, in Zimbabwe and was a big hit with the tourist’s. He was a relaxed lion, even near humans. He was a big lion study at Oxford University in England.

But when this American hunter killed him he said that he had paid 68 thousand dollars to kill a lion. He also said that he thought he was doing it legally but authorities think his hunting group lured Cecil out of his safe habitat.

When the news struck the world, Cecil’s death sparked anger on social media sites. Many people started saying to stop trophy hunting, because it is cruel and unnecessary. Zimbabwe reacted and makes a new rule that you can’t hunt lions, elephants and leopards in the area around the national park where Cecil died.

Other community’s weren’t satisfied. Some international airlines have now banned people from taking an animal trophy back home with them. In Australia, it’s illegal to bring some animal trophies into the country. But lots of other countries haven’t done it and to make an impact, they need to start NOW!

Here’s the twist. Some people think trophy hunting is actually good! They say, if they follow the rules, they can make trophy hunting a good thing. The industry itself says that in the African countries that do this, they make millions of dollars a year! And some of the money goes to the poor communities.


Some conservationists support trophy hunting, because the money goes to projects which help the endangered animals. They say that the good outweighs the bad.

 I understand how trophy hunting is good because it is going to the poor people but why can’t we just donate money without taking a life?

Also I get how bad it is because their killing innocent animals to make a profit. 

One question I have is, if they have been any other famous deaths, that have been caused by trophy hunting.

What do you think?

Here is the video:

GST Changes BTN

Flour, sugar and eggs are some products we don’t pay tax on. Tax is an important part of our lives and the government uses the money (from the tax) to pay for all kinds of important things. While we think we aren’t saving that much on tax buying these things, we actually are. We spend a lot on tax! What we spend %10 on is GST (The Goods and Services Tax).  That tax is what we pay for goods, which are a lot of things we spend our money on and services, which is what people are doing for us. For example, if you buy something that is $110, $10 of that money goes straight to the government.

This system was brought back in 2000 but this was long before the government had thought of using this method to replace existing taxes and simplify the taxes.  All the money raised would go to the United States.  GST was finally introduced after years of debate, but this had a lot of different opinions.

There were things that did get excluded that was under the umbrella of basic food. Some food under that umbrella is bread, milk and fruit and veg.

Some health services, education, exports and some charity stuff are GST-free too.

But the GST gets about 5 000 000 000 (fifty billion dollars) a year which the United States receive.

Now, the government are thinking of making two possible changes.

One is to raise the GST a little higher. The other is to include the basic food as a GST. Changing this means it would mean a great deal, seeming it would be a big deal to everyone. But before all of that could happen they need all the states to agree. That’s all I have for facts.
I understand how the government wants to get more money but people don’t want to go bankrupt! I also understand why Tony Abbott said that it is a thing to look out for.


On question I still have is, if the other states approve of the changes, how long would it take?


This is the video:

100wc 4th August

I opened the book. All the memories came flooding back.  When I was 5, in the summer, flipping through the book to get a breeze. Or when I was 7, trying to understand the messages in the book. I went to my favorite page. Number 5. I first loved it because it was the first one I could understand. But, in the end I began to learn all of the messages in the book but I still loved number 5 the best. I could connect to it most.  I touched the side of the book. Green, my favorite color. I closed the book.

” For another day” I mumble.

The prompt this week was: