Desert Adaptions Goal Reflection


In term 2 our topic was the adaptations in the Australian desert. Near the end of the term we were told we were doing a project about an animal/plant that lives in the Australian desert. In this project we had a list of what we needed, including a model. The main thing we had to include in our project is some adaptions. Again we worked in partners and had to present the presentation at the end of the term. But this time the teachers left it all up to us, not saying anyway we should present it besides having it on cardboard. My partner and I wanted our project to stand out so our model and project looked different to the others. My partner and I got the Spinifex Hopping Mouse as our animal.

Here are some things that I learnt from the project and my thoughts and feelings about it:

3 facts I found interesting or surprising:

  • The Spinifex Hopping Mouse’s diet consist of roots, shoots, twigs, leaves, insects and seeds from the spinifex grass.
  • When the spinifex hopping mouse gets hot in its burrow it can make its self-hotter so it feels cooler in the burrow.
  • The Spinifex Hopping Mouse’s kidneys can take the water out of waste and use it. They have the most solid urine in the world.



  • If the Spinifex Hopping Mouse didn’t have its efficient kidneys, it would need to go out hunting for water and would probably get eaten by feral cats, owls, dingos or red foxes. So it probably be extinct without its kidneys
  • The Spinifex Hopping Mouse’s diet is very easily hunted down because as soon as the Spinifex Hopping Mouse burrows, it finds its meal. If it was a carnivore, it would be hunted more easily.



  • How does the Spinifex Hopping Mouse’s kidneys work like it does?

What was the most important thing:

  •  The most important things that I learnt was to trust whoever you’re working with ideas, even if you think you won’t have time.  My partner gave some great suggestions and I thought we wouldn’t have time but when we did it, it looked amazing! Also I learnt that if you’re fast and efficient with your partner, you get to add things that people wouldn’t have. We had a lot of pictures, a graph, a table, an engaging title on a picture, engaging sub titles, a diagram, and a detailed model! That’s what gets done when you work collaboratively with your partner.

How did I learn it:

  • In our project we had to answer 10 depth questions and put in other paragraphs about our animal. So we split the questions and paragraphs and trusted each other to do it. When we went together to put it together, it was great! Also we would ask each other and help each other if we had a problem. Where we found the facts were in books and on websites.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt:

  • In class and in other projects I can use this learning. I can put more trust into other people’s ideas. Also my teacher told me something to improve on (my graph) so I will use that information. I will use it in class, projects and if people are having trouble I will tell them.

My Beginning Goals:

  • At the start of the term, my goals were about the desert survivors. I had 4 goals and 1 of the goals I learnt about in 4 lessons. In our class, everyone had to do one precise goal which was to understand how living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment. My partner and I did this goal by searching up our animal’s adaptations and structural features. Also our animal (The Spinifex Hopping Mouse) eats a types of grass with the same name, so we decided to search about that as well. I think I have achieved my goals well but I can always achieved more by researching.


For my project this term, I was intrigued by the subject. I had fun and learnt a lot of interesting things. Also I learnt a few things I can improve on and I have a great time with my partner. So altogether, it was a great experience!

3 thoughts on “Desert Adaptions Goal Reflection

  1. Dear my friend, Adriana,
    Who is this myster ious partner you keep talking about, and yes I do know who it is but no-one else knows who they are (apart from our class that is). Anyways, apart from the “mysterious” partner, let me tell you about what I think about your reflection:
    It was great, you had info, evidence and strong points.
    You could’ve put in a little more facts/slightly more interesting parts in your reflection.
    Otherwise it was brilliant and satisfying, I love how it wasn’t just about you but also about “you partner”.

    From your friend, Zara 🙂 😀

    1. Also with your paragraph “My beginning Goals” I thought you originally got the Spinifex Grass but then Antony gave you the Spinifex Hopping Mouse too. But that’s just what I remember so……
      Anyways, great reflection! 🙂

      From Zara :p

  2. Adriana- for some (Late night absentmindedness) reason, the comment I had for you about this reflection ended up on Erica’s page…anyhoo- here’s what I wrote to you

    Excellent response Adriana- I love the way you were so specific and attentive to what we’ve been learning,

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