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This article was about wasting food and how bad it is, especially in Australia. We waste 20% of the food we buy which is 1 in 5 bags of groceries, gone. Also we waste 40% of food that has been in our household bins that could have been eaten. All of this food ends up as 400,000 tons of wasted food each year. That’s the weight of 66 trucks! Even worse, this is wasting money. Actually, precisely, $8 billion dollars are wasted every year. That’s enough money to buy you and a friend about 5 trips to the moon and back! And that’s not the worse part! The supermarkets are doing it to! They reject food that has a small bruise or it’s the wrong shape. And it’s about 40% of the food that is wasted! So the truth is speckled apples, and wonky carrots that are fine to eat but are tossed away. Also, along with them goes some good food that’s just been sitting on the shelf for a bit too long. When we waste food, we waste the ingredients that made it. For e.g.: To make a burger you need 16 bathtubs full of water! Or, when you feed cows to get milk, you feed them crops! This food could be going to starving people in the world. In fact, experts reckon just a quarter of the food wasted in wealthy countries, could feed all the people starving in the world! A lot of people are trying to help and 1 country is making a bit of a statement! In France, they’re starting to stop food waste. Now, there is a law that big supermarkets have to give the food they don’t want, to charities or animal feed companies so they can put it to good use. But finally, Australia is acting. There some organizations like Oz Harvest that is trying to save food before the hit the bins. Every day, their yellow trucks pick up the fruit and vegetables that people don’t want and give it to charities that feed homeless people, students, or stranded struggling families. But that is not enough to keep it going. A lot of businesses are still throwing out food that could go to good use.
This is where we come in. We can do things to help. Simple things like not buying things from the supermarket that you don’t need, and if we don’t eat all our dinner, we can save it for leftovers. Also some things can be fed to animals. And at school, we could think twice before we toss away that perfectly good lunch!

I understand how some people reckon we should be following France’s example. It does make more sense and it will make the problem a minor problem. I also get how some people find this very worrying because if we don’t stop, we also wreck the environment and we need the environment to live.

A question I have is:
Is there any other country’s that are doing the same law as France?

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  1. Dear Adriana,
    you found A LOT of information on this BTN video. And the fact that each BTN video goes for around 2-4 minutes makes it even more outstanding. Good job Adriana! When you go big, you REALLY go big. But something I think you could improve on not saying words like “also” so often. Otherwise great job.

    From your friend, Zara

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