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It was the time. The time I was dreading.

“Ok, time to go.” Brian says enthusiastically. We started the car and drove off. When we got there it had begun.

“25 000 000” someone screamed.

“30 000 000” another yelled.

This was it. The chance of a lifetime in my hands.

“50 000 000” I yell, just making it over everyone’s bets.

People gasp.

“Selling once, selling twice, selling three times and sold!” the auctioneer said.

I squeeze Brian and walk over to my new house.

So it’s true.  Take risks and if you win, you’ll be happy. If you lose, you will be wise.

Desert Adaptions Goal Reflection


In term 2 our topic was the adaptations in the Australian desert. Near the end of the term we were told we were doing a project about an animal/plant that lives in the Australian desert. In this project we had a list of what we needed, including a model. The main thing we had to include in our project is some adaptions. Again we worked in partners and had to present the presentation at the end of the term. But this time the teachers left it all up to us, not saying anyway we should present it besides having it on cardboard. My partner and I wanted our project to stand out so our model and project looked different to the others. My partner and I got the Spinifex Hopping Mouse as our animal.

Here are some things that I learnt from the project and my thoughts and feelings about it:

3 facts I found interesting or surprising:

  • The Spinifex Hopping Mouse’s diet consist of roots, shoots, twigs, leaves, insects and seeds from the spinifex grass.
  • When the spinifex hopping mouse gets hot in its burrow it can make its self-hotter so it feels cooler in the burrow.
  • The Spinifex Hopping Mouse’s kidneys can take the water out of waste and use it. They have the most solid urine in the world.



  • If the Spinifex Hopping Mouse didn’t have its efficient kidneys, it would need to go out hunting for water and would probably get eaten by feral cats, owls, dingos or red foxes. So it probably be extinct without its kidneys
  • The Spinifex Hopping Mouse’s diet is very easily hunted down because as soon as the Spinifex Hopping Mouse burrows, it finds its meal. If it was a carnivore, it would be hunted more easily.



  • How does the Spinifex Hopping Mouse’s kidneys work like it does?

What was the most important thing:

  •  The most important things that I learnt was to trust whoever you’re working with ideas, even if you think you won’t have time.  My partner gave some great suggestions and I thought we wouldn’t have time but when we did it, it looked amazing! Also I learnt that if you’re fast and efficient with your partner, you get to add things that people wouldn’t have. We had a lot of pictures, a graph, a table, an engaging title on a picture, engaging sub titles, a diagram, and a detailed model! That’s what gets done when you work collaboratively with your partner.

How did I learn it:

  • In our project we had to answer 10 depth questions and put in other paragraphs about our animal. So we split the questions and paragraphs and trusted each other to do it. When we went together to put it together, it was great! Also we would ask each other and help each other if we had a problem. Where we found the facts were in books and on websites.

What am I going to do with what I have learnt:

  • In class and in other projects I can use this learning. I can put more trust into other people’s ideas. Also my teacher told me something to improve on (my graph) so I will use that information. I will use it in class, projects and if people are having trouble I will tell them.

My Beginning Goals:

  • At the start of the term, my goals were about the desert survivors. I had 4 goals and 1 of the goals I learnt about in 4 lessons. In our class, everyone had to do one precise goal which was to understand how living things have structural features and adaptations that help them survive in their environment. My partner and I did this goal by searching up our animal’s adaptations and structural features. Also our animal (The Spinifex Hopping Mouse) eats a types of grass with the same name, so we decided to search about that as well. I think I have achieved my goals well but I can always achieved more by researching.


For my project this term, I was intrigued by the subject. I had fun and learnt a lot of interesting things. Also I learnt a few things I can improve on and I have a great time with my partner. So altogether, it was a great experience!

Food Ban BTN

This article was about wasting food and how bad it is, especially in Australia. We waste 20% of the food we buy which is 1 in 5 bags of groceries, gone. Also we waste 40% of food that has been in our household bins that could have been eaten. All of this food ends up as 400,000 tons of wasted food each year. That’s the weight of 66 trucks! Even worse, this is wasting money. Actually, precisely, $8 billion dollars are wasted every year. That’s enough money to buy you and a friend about 5 trips to the moon and back! And that’s not the worse part! The supermarkets are doing it to! They reject food that has a small bruise or it’s the wrong shape. And it’s about 40% of the food that is wasted! So the truth is speckled apples, and wonky carrots that are fine to eat but are tossed away. Also, along with them goes some good food that’s just been sitting on the shelf for a bit too long. When we waste food, we waste the ingredients that made it. For e.g.: To make a burger you need 16 bathtubs full of water! Or, when you feed cows to get milk, you feed them crops! This food could be going to starving people in the world. In fact, experts reckon just a quarter of the food wasted in wealthy countries, could feed all the people starving in the world! A lot of people are trying to help and 1 country is making a bit of a statement! In France, they’re starting to stop food waste. Now, there is a law that big supermarkets have to give the food they don’t want, to charities or animal feed companies so they can put it to good use. But finally, Australia is acting. There some organizations like Oz Harvest that is trying to save food before the hit the bins. Every day, their yellow trucks pick up the fruit and vegetables that people don’t want and give it to charities that feed homeless people, students, or stranded struggling families. But that is not enough to keep it going. A lot of businesses are still throwing out food that could go to good use.
This is where we come in. We can do things to help. Simple things like not buying things from the supermarket that you don’t need, and if we don’t eat all our dinner, we can save it for leftovers. Also some things can be fed to animals. And at school, we could think twice before we toss away that perfectly good lunch!

I understand how some people reckon we should be following France’s example. It does make more sense and it will make the problem a minor problem. I also get how some people find this very worrying because if we don’t stop, we also wreck the environment and we need the environment to live.

A question I have is:
Is there any other country’s that are doing the same law as France?

Greece In Trouble BTN

This article is about Greece and its financial problems. Here is the most important facts about Greece’s financial problem:

1. Greece has a debut to pay with European contrary and now they have to pay more since they need their help.  Also they are agreeing to tough austerity for more money

2. The government is raising taxes, putting less jobs out there are people are getting less pay.  People who live in Greece aren’t happy.

3.  Europe wan’ts Greece to take the money because they have a lot of debut’s to Europe and Europe needs the money. But Greek people want to reject the money to stop austerity. 

4. Greece has agreed to Europe’s loan but if they can’t pay it back this situation could come up again. 

Two understanding I have are:

1.How everyone in Greece is mad. Who want’s to have debut?

2. Why everyone said’s Greece is beautiful. The beaches are amazing!

One question I have is:

1. Why doesn’t the government just listen to the people? It will stop a lot of fighting. 


Deep in outer space, is the planet no one cares about.  The planet that people have forgotten. Pluto. But were going to change that. We’re going to take a picture of Pluto and make people interested! Were called NASA and this is the New Horizons Mission. Now let’s get on that spacecraft and get started!


“I’m so lonely” I hear Pluto mumble.

“No one visits and one cares. I wish for once people would appreciate me.”

Suddenly Pluto sees us.

“Sure is lonely out here” he yells.

Now is the time.

‘HEYWHATSUPGOTTAGOBYE” I yell taking a picture.

That was the day Pluto was recognized.

This is the prompt for this week:



The wish

The orphanage is a grubby place. Sticky walls, insects everywhere, stuck up kids.  That’s what makes this place. 

“Squeak!” “Squeak!” Oh, those are the stinky rats that live in the walls.  As I told you it’s an old, stinky, dump that no one want to stay in. But there is the occasional stuck up princess who thinks she’s the queen of America that turns up on our doorstep. Those kids have their heads down the toilet before you know it! That’s why I made the wish, the wish that helped me change my life.
See, every night I’d make a wish. It had always been the same…except the first night when I wished for my parents to come back.  But I quickly realised that it wouldn’t happen because the fire my parents had been in was so big, no one could have survived. So I changed it. And the next wish was even more important to me. My mum had always wanted me to have a friend. A best friend. And I wanted to fulfil her request by having one. So every night I wished for a best friend.  One that got me. But luck was not with me because all the new girls were either shy, annoying or stuck up. And the original girls were no help either. They’re all goody-two-shoes.

But then I met Sabrina. Sabrina looked as stuck up as anything. Blond hair, blue eyes, perfect angel. When these type of girls come along they’re bound to have their head in the toilet seat before you know it.  But it didn’t happen.  Sabrina looked at each girl, scanning them with either a smile (if she liked you) or a death stare (you know what that one is). When she looked at me my heart stopped. She gave me a smile. I’d never gotten a smile. Her eyes twinkled in a cheeky way. “I’m going to have some fun with her,” I mumbled under my breath. Sabrina did a lot of things. She knocked over things, didn’t clean (chores) and didn’t follow any rules. She did what she liked and made herself so cheeky that she got 25 spankings a day! And she didn’t cry once! That’s why I liked her.

But one day she stepped too far. It was October 6th, her birthday. She lazed around in her bed all morning and did nothing.  She didn’t follow any rules and didn’t do her chores. But she did something worse. She spoke back to our mistress, Mrs Kennedy! She was spanked 65 times and ordered to bed without any supper. So for the first time, I did something helpful. Since I felt sorry for her I gave her my supper.  As soon as I gave her my supper, she hugged me.  It was warm and a true sign of friendship.

Alright, I guess the orphanage isn’t so bad. Yes, there are rats and insects, sticky walls and kids who don’t talk. But it’s alright with a friend. A best friend. It nice to hear the birds chirping in the morning and the walls aren’t as sticky as I thought it would be. It makes it seem better to be here really. Especially with a best friend like Sabrina.



The Wish is a story about how a girl wishes for a best friend (but she is a bit mean so that makes most girls hate her) but doesn’t get one. Then when her wish is heard a she gets a best friend, she realises her mistakes and moves on. But she also hates the place she lives in and learns t appreciate what you have. When I was writing this story 1 main thing for me to do was to write how the girl changed. So I came up with how she hated the place but in the end she matured so she learnt to love the place. She changed. That is what I am most proud of. Also I learnt knew skills like putting in a good resolution. What I need to work on more is how I write and stay in my intense. I’m always getting them mixed up. Also I need to work on putting more paragraphs in.