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Book Week

A few weeks ago was book week.  This day is important because it is educational. On this day the whole of Australia does a activity. The activity is always reading a book and this year’s book was called The Brothers Quibble. Every class does a activity on it and my class did a poem using the style of the book (The Brother Quibble) and the type of drawings (block colors).  The poem was based on something that was going on at home.

Here is my poem:

BTN Dear Hope Street

This article was about “Dear Hope Street”. This project is an art project called “Dear Hope Street”. More than 1,000 kids are taking part in this art challenge.  The challenge involves the internet, a postcard, some textas and a hand written message. This activity is spreading hope around the world! This is how it goes:

You pick a street from around the world and an house number on that street. Then they find the find the address on Google Map Street View so they can see what the house looks like. After that they draw a picture on a blank postcard and write a friendly message on the back to the stranger.

Before these postcards are sent they are photocopied and shown on the website so if the stranger want’s to reply, they can go onto the website. There has already  been hundreds of responses!

This project is about finding out what life is like in their places of the world and connecting with others. Alex (an adult) started this project because she wanted to see kids out of their own heart,  do random acts of kindness to strangers.

I think this idea is great because it is plain kindness too doing this and it might put you out of your comfort zone which is good. 

Also I think all schools should do this. It would be fun and it is a learning experience. 

My question is how many schools have done this and if there is who?

100wc Week #36

I looked down into the lake. I saw myself looking up at me. Like a mirror. I touched the water. As soon as I did, ripples ran through it. I look back at myself. Just an ordinary girl, with straight orange hair (tied up) and freckles. But something didn’t seen write. Not ordinary is the correct word. I look at myself. Why am I feeling weird?
Then it smiled.
I …just…. Smiled.

But…how? It isn’t possible. I didn’t smile but my image did.

“Who… are…you?” I’m shock to find myself quivering with fright and sweat all over me.
“Your worst nightmare” it replied.

Here is the prompt for this week:

Column Graph

Here is a column graph:

This graph shows how many Foreigners and Indonesians there were in 1999 till 2015.


I realise that in 1999 that there was more Indonesians but in the end (2015) Foreigners became more popular.


This data is good for a column graph because it compares the two sets of data and it is much clearer this way.

Conscience Vote


A conscience vote or called a free vote is a type of vote by the people who make the laws. Politicians are allowed to vote according to their own personal conscience rather than according to the choice set down by their political parliament.

I am bringing this up because in Australia we haven’t decided if we are going to allow different sex marriage. There are many country’s that have done it and the most recent country is Ireland. Also some of United Kingdom and Canada have done it.

I think that this idea is good. Imagine you are in love with someone else but a aw is stopping you from happiness.

So I want to know your opinion about this topic. Do you agree or disagree?


Anzac Day Biscuits

Anzac biscuits are a main part of our tradition. These biscuits (which has been in our history a long time) WERNT eaten by soldiers. These biscuits came later in the war time. They were sent to the troops at Western Front because they don’t need to be refrigerated and they last a very long time. The basic ingredients ate rolled oats, sugar, butter, flour and golden syrup. First, we mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. Then we add the golden syrup, water, bi-carb soda and butter. Finally, we combine everything together and put the mixture onto a tray. Then we wait until they’re golden brown.

I get how people like them because everyone has different tastebuds.

I also get how easy it is to make because I have made them before.

One question I still have is, did any other troops get these biscuits?

100wc Week #35

I didn’t know what it was. It was very hard, sort of thin. I also knew it was brown. Ah, if I had known more about this thing I wouldn’t be eating it, trust me. I took a sip from the liquid. It smelt bad but it made my tongue tingle. It tasted plain. That is all I know because I am blindfolded. I’m actually playing a game called you don’t know what you’re eating and it lives up to its name. “OK, open your eyes,” my brother Charles said. What?! I’m eating bark and out of date lemonade! Ew!