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Wild Reptiles Incursion Reflection

This week we got to see some wild reptiles that live in the desert! (but some weren’t).  Their were all diffident types of animals like the…

Broad shell turtle

Olive python

Carpet python

 Green tree frogs


Stick insects

Frill neck lizard

The person who gave us the facts was a woman called Shaan who was very nice. Everyone got to hold a animal and I got to hold a olive snake! It was 3 meters long! The Olive Python can grow up to 7 meters long so this python was called Tiny! 🙂

In the end I thought that the day had gone amazing and perfect! (except when a snake went to the loo in front of us!)

I also think that reptiles are a lot more interesting than they look.

One question I still have is how do reptiles do brumation?

Here is a picture of a olive python:

100wc Week #34

She smelt the smoke. Her senses told her where she was by how the wind tore, how the trees blew over and how the footsteps hurried. She heard screams, coming from everywhere and everyone. She crawled and touched something. It was small and soft, like a cloud. Finally her sight came back and she saw burnt houses and kids frightened of what was happening all around her… but she sees the box. She heard a faint scream. It was coming from the box. So as she lifted the lid she fell, down and down falling like a bird with broken wings.

Hip hop Influence BTN

This BTN article was about how popular hip hop is and what it actually is. Hip hop is a popular type of dance.  Some people start dancing or hip hoping when their very young. Hip hop has had a huge effect on kids. Some kids go out and hip hop on the street for fun! Scientists found that hip hop has had a huger effect in popular music. Researches have taken 30 seconds out of every song in the US music chart from the 1960 to 2010. There was 17000 songs!!! Then they use the computer programs to analyse the songs and look for the biggest change that happened. As the years go by, there has been a lot of musical shifts. The biggest change was in 1991 when hip hop was born. But actually, hip hop was created in the 1700’s and 1800’s but there was no rapping. But when they put raps to the beat BAM, hip hop was born. Scientists reckon that hip hop was so influential because it was different. You can still hear some original hip hop music in popular songs but you have to listen hard. Did you know that Australia has its unique hip hop style!

I realize how some people love hip hop because it is their passion but I also understand how some people wouldn’t like hip hop. I also get if people start hip hop at an early age that there are interested by it.

One question is, how popular is hip hop in other countries like Syria?

100wc Week#33

I was straining my hardest, so hard that I thought it was over. It wasn’t. I grabbed the pale hand and pulled. The girl nearly came. But she didn’t. I tugged and tugged but the ferocious wind blew her away. The girl screamed, petrified of what’s going to happen to her. I let go. She was gone. I felt tears burn in my eyes. Everyone was dead. I was the only one left in this wicked world. And now she’s lifeless. The one person who understood me. I love her. I don’t want to let her go. But she’s gone. My sister is gone.

BTN MINECRAFTING PARKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This article was about  minecraft and what opportunity’s it gives. Minecraft is a very popular game which in it you can build any sort of world! This year some kids are entering a competition which they have to create an national park with minecraft! You have to draw what it’ll be, then you can make it on minecraft. You can work alone of together. This competition is run by the South Australian Government. Whoever wins this competition could get their design in real life! Minecraft is actually a similar system to the app real architects have.

I get how planning and making (on minecraft) a national park would be very difficult to do.

I also get that having fun is important or else you won’t pay attention to much and you won’t experience how to be a kid!

One question I still have is how did the South Australian Government decide on the minecraft project for the kids and if there was anything that inspired him, what was it?

100wc Week #32

Into the woods they went. They were sure they could make it. The little girl and the maiden huddled close so they would keep warm. The boy and the baker moved quickly, as fast as they could go. Suddenly, they spotted, on the side of the woods a cut down tree. This tree was so torn that it  looked like it was older than 2,000,000,000 years old! And on this tared down tree, there was some seeds, a bird, a lego piece and some moss. All of them moved on. But they didn’t know that what they had left behind decided their future.

The prompt this week was:

Mars Madness BTN

On mars it is a rocky, orange and red colour environment. It is like a desert and has lots of mini tornadoes.  There were 200,000 people who joined the Mars One (one way trip to Mars). When they pick the people who go to Mars they intend to send them in 2024.  They do have to bring their own food but the food they can only bring had not enough protein. So, they have to eat insects. My question is that how do they get their water when Mars is like a desert? Universities are going to send experiments and scientific research to Mars.

I get how some people want to go to Mars because they get to see a new planet no one has seen before.

I also understand that people would hate leaving their family and never see them again.

Anzac Day

As you all know, Anzac Day is a very important day. More than 650 people died for Australia on the first day of the World War 1 (Anzac War).  That is why I hope you read this post because I am going to tell you about the World War One.  World war one was a war that was  Australia and New Zealand against Turkey. ANZAC stands for  Australian and New Zealand Army Corps. One the first day of World War One Australia and New Zealand landed on the wrong side of the beach. They were attacked and barely any of them lived.  This war was in  Gallipoli.

There are some websites more about this war if you would like to see it. It is on the links  page.

History Goal Reflection



Last term we did a presentation about Australian History. We worked in partners and had to present the presentation at the end of the term. We could do the presentation in a lot of ways but the teachers preferred a creative presentation other than just a speech and a power point. My partner and I presented about William Buckley. To make our presentation more engaging, we had some pictures or as you call them, props to keep the class’s interests. Here are some things that I learnt from the project and my thoughts and feelings about it:


Three facts I found interesting or surprising:


  • How could William Buckley tell the Aboriginals that he wasn’t dangerous?
    William Buckley didn’t have to make peace with the Aboriginals because the Aboriginals thought he was a reincarnated spirit of their chief. That was because William was carrying his spear which he had found near the Indigenous man’s memorial. Also because the Aboriginals thought if Aboriginals came back from the dead they would be white.
  • Why was William Buckley in jail?
    On the 2nd of August 1802 William Buckley was sent to jail because of one woman.  This woman had stolen a bolt of cloth and didn’t want to get caught so she gave the cloth to William. Of course William didn’t know it was stolen so he took it. He was sent to the Sussex Assizes Court to see if he was innocent. But unfortunaly he wasn’t so he had to go to Australia. He boarded the Calcutta (ship) in 1802 and arrived in 1803.
  • William Buckley’s tribe is called Wathaurong. The Wathaurong people lived in what is now known as Bellarine Peninsula. 30-40 of them were left in that place in the end compared to 300 Europeans. The original owners of the area of Geelong which in Aboriginal is Idjillongi was an Aboriginal tribe called Wathaurong. They have lived in Geelong for more than 25,000 years.



Two Understandings I know have:


  • If William Buckley didn’t go with the Aboriginals he wouldn’t have survived. And if the escaped convicts that had gone with William would have gone to the Aboriginals they would have survived as well. He was very lucky that he found the spear and looked like the dead chief because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t be with the Aboriginals and he probably wouldn’t be alive.



  • If the Aboriginals weren’t there the day British came to Australia, they would have probably be ruling all of Australia. The British wouldn’t have saved William Buckley and he would have starved to death. Today wouldn’t be like today if the Aboriginals weren’t there to try and save the day. But most of all if the Aboriginals weren’t here we wouldn’t have their culture to know and respect. We wouldn’t know a quarter of what the Aboriginals told us and we wouldn’t know about their skills like spearing and rock painting. And we wouldn’t know what they looked like.




A wondering I still have is:

  • When William Buckley was with the Aboriginals what did he first think of them and why? Also if William Buckley thought were negative, how did his thought’s change over time?



What were the most important things I have learnt:


  • I have learnt about the Aboriginals, William Buckley and Australian History. But the most important thing was teamwork. I learnt you have to trust your partner and work together according to each other’s ideas. You have to practise and put all your effort into your presentation. The most important information I got from my presentation was to treat people the way you wanted to be treated because the British didn’t do that with the Aboriginals.



How did I learn it:


  • I learnt my information about working together by trying new things. We (my partner and I) split our power point up so that each person had 5 slides each. I had to trust him entirely to get this done and he did an amazing job! I also learnt by having lots of lessons working on it together so I ask questions and answered some about the presentation with him. We found out the facts on the computer and some books.



What am I going to do with what I have learnt:


  • With working together I am going to use it for another project. I have experience and I can use it to communicate with my partner better. I could use my facts for another project on Australian History if I ever do one again. Also every partner got some feedback from their teacher and I will use mine to make my projects better in the future.



My Beginning Goals:

My goals at the start of the year was about the daily life of convicts. My partner and I had the same goal so that is why we chose William Buckley. We achieved our goal by searching about his life for out project. I think I have achieved my goal well but I think I could research more to prove I have achieved it.




In this project I learnt a lot of interesting and surprising facts. I found something out for myself and still have some wonderings. I learnt a lot of important things and enjoyed working with my partner, but most of all I had fun!

My History Presentation

History Presentation Reflection


In the first term we started a presentation about Australian History. Our teacher picked partners and we would have to communicate and collaborate to get this project done. My partner and I chose to do William Buckley, an escaped convict who lived with the Aboriginals for 32 years. I hope you have fun reading my post! J



My History Presentation was about……..

My History Presentation was about a man called William Buckley. He was a convict and was accused of stealing a piece of cloth even though he didn’t steal it. A woman gave him the cloth (not wanting anyone to know that she stole it) and he took it. He went to Australia but soon escaped (with friends) out of the colony they were in. He went to live with the Aboriginals for 32 years until he came back to the English. He left the Aboriginals because he overheard them talking about robbing and killing some white people on a boat. He left and accidently bumped into the white people. He didn’t want to go but had to because the white people forced him.


I was proud that we (my partner and I)……….

I was proud that we finished our presentation on time (our presentation had to be 5 minutes). We answered all the questions correctly and we found out and learnt all of our facts. We made our presentation engaging and we used some props. Our voice held interest and we used some language that related to our topic. We made it clear what was an opinion and what was a fact. We compared some of the facts to real life (so that like if you had to….).But most of all we backed everything up with primary and secondary sources.


Next time I present, I should make sure I……..

In my next presentation I will make sure I order the presentation properly. Our order wasn’t that good and it made the presentation a bit confusing.  I also should give other perspective of other people in my project.  We just ha what William Buckley thought and not the Aboriginals or the woman who gave the cloth to William. We will work on it and we will include it in our next presentation (if were partners).