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William Buckley Project

William Buckley Presentation

By Adriana

  1. What skill did William Buckley have that helped the Aboriginals?
    William Buckley fitted in to the Aboriginal tribe well. He didn’t mind being the only non-Aboriginal because he was a help among the Aboriginal tribe. I became as expert as any of them in spearing the Kangaroo and taking fish – and with regard to the latter was generally more successful [than any of them] when fishing alone he  wrote.  The source to this quote came from these websites:
    melbourne/convicts/buckley-and-aborigines> And this website:

    What punishment would he do for the British?
    William Buckley’s punishment was that he would be sentenced 14 years as a convict in Australia. He had to work every hour, every day. In hot weather he had an hour off. Male
    convicts did the hard work such as making bricks, constructing buildings, gardening, and building roads. Some of the convicts had special skills and did the work of keeping records, printing, making pottery, keeping the town clocks but William wasn’t one of them.

    3. Where is William Buckley’s tribe on a map?

William’s Aboriginal tribe was in Geelong, Australia. They ruled the whole land until the Europeans came and took it. They were a very small tribe. The name Wathaurong (Wadda-Warrung) is a well-known tribe. This tribe is made up of approximately 25 family group)
that formed part of the Kulin Nation of Aboriginal people. The traditional boundaries of the Wathaurong people is along the coastline of the Werribee River to the Lorne peninsula. It also travels inland in a north western direction towards Ballarat. A map might have been good here

4. Which tribe did William Buckley stay in?
William Buckley’s tribe is called Wathaurong.The Wathaurong people lived in what is now known as Bellarine Peninsula. 30-40 of them were left in the end compared to 300 Europeans. The original owners of the area of Geelong which in Aboriginal is Idjillongi was an Aboriginal tribe called Watharong. They have lived in Geelong for more than 25,000 years.

5.  Why was William Buckley in jail?
On the 2nd of August 1802 William Buckley was sent to jail because of one woman.  This woman had stolen a bolt of cloth and didn’t want to get caught so she gave the cloth to William. Of course William didn’t know it was stolen so he took it. He was sent to the Sussex Assizes Court to see if he was innocent. But unfortunaly he wasn’t so he had to go to Australia. He boarded the Calcutta (ship) in 1802 and arrived in 1803.

  1. Who would have sent William Buckley to Australia?
    The High Court judge William Deane, sent William Buckley to Australia for 14 years. He graduated at the university of Sydney which he learnt law and art. He became a high court lawyer in 1982. He had replaced an old high court judge Sir Ninian Stephen.

    7. How could William Buckley tell the Aboriginals that he wasn’t dangerous?
    William Buckley didn’t have to make peace with the Aboriginals because the Aboriginals thought he was a reincarnated spirit of their chief. That was because William was carrying his spear which he had found near the Indigenous man’s memorial. Also because the Aboriginals thought if Aboriginals came back from the dead they would be white.

    8. How will William Buckley learn English again? What was it like for William Buckley getting used to being back in white society?  William Buckley learned English again quickly and really easily .He didn’t need to try hard because His tongue of English came back and the first word he said was bread. He said that when he was holding a piece of bread.  But when he was with the Aboriginals he felt at home straight away. He felt that way because the Aboriginals gave him a wife and a home. He found it hard to fit in first but then it became easy.

    9.    Which city did William Buckley live in with the British?   Where are all the places William Buckley lived during his life? William Buckley was transported to Port Phillip Bay when he was 23 years old. He was on the ship HMS Calcutta on April 1803. They arrived October 1803 and William Buckley was one of the first British people ever in Australia. William Buckley was born in Marton, Cheshire, England. When he was 6 he went to live with his mum’s dad in Macclesfield. 1799 he was sent to Netherlands to fight against Napoleon.
    Then he was transported to New South Wales for 14 years.

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BTN Nepal Earthquake


    Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green = Questions

Nepal is known for its ancient monuments and towering mountains. It is a very popular tourist destination and a lot of Australians were caught in the earthquake. On the 25th of April this earthquake went into Kathmandu and Pokhara. Also on the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, there was an avalanche .This earthquake was felt from miles of kilometers away in other countries.There are smaller earthquakes still happening. Over thousands of people have died. People are still looking for survivors. I get why there still looking for people because families are waiting for some news. I also get how hard it would be on a family who doesn’t know or lost a family member. Australia has given 5,000 dollars to Nepal to aid them. One question I had was how come no one knew about the earthquake, even the weather machine?  


Here is the episode on BTN:

100wc Week #30

The drum silenced the air. I was exited but also deeply scared. I remembered the lion, its golden mane flashing in the darkness of the room. How it pounces and leaped across the floor. It danced everyone’s heart away. And then I started to quiver. I couldn’t breathe. It was exciting. The golden cornflake. The only treasure our country has had for years.
I will always remember the sound of the traditional drums, how the lion danced across the floor, how excited I felt. But most of all I will remember the golden cornflake.

Because that was the last thing I remembered before I died.

Mars Madness BTN


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On mars it is a rocky, orange and red colour environment. It is like a desert and has lots of mini tornadoes.  There were 200,000 people who joined the Mars One (one way trip to Mars). When they pick the people who go to Mars they intend to send them in 2024.  They do have to bring their own food but the food they can only bring has not enough protein. So, they have to eat insects. My question is that how do they get their water when Mars is like a desert? Universities are going to send experiments and scientific research to Mars.

I get how some people want to go to Mars because they get to see a new planet no one has seen before.

I also understand that people would hate leaving their family and never see them again.


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100wc week #29


“All right, the X marks the spot of where the ball is.  There are five balls and six of you, so whoever is last is eliminated. You need to get the ball and break it. Whoever breaks their ball first wins,”

Nods went around.

“As you know, no one knows where we are going, but whoever breaks the ball first will get a special surprise.”



“Yes, yes I know. It’s exciting. But you don’t know what it is yet! The surprise is…… Wait! No, I’ll leave you to find out.  Now get ready, get set, And GO!”

Everyone scrambled of!

“Ah… they’re mad!”

Rock Climbing BTN


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Red = Understandings

Green = Questions

This text was about rock climbing, what it is and how fun it is. Rock climbing is a great way to stay healthy. I get that some people don’t like rock climbing and some do. You do have to commit to it (personal challenge) to be good at it. You never know if you’re good by your looks. I also get that people are scared of the first fall but soon after you start concentrating on the actual climbing. There is also a great community because people are not competitive and help. It is dangerous if you’re not properly trained so always were safety gear and have an expert with you at all times. One question I had was what age can you start rock climbing?

Here is the link to this episode:

100wc Week #28

Special Showcase

“I should have known”

I look at him. His hair gleaming like moonlight.

“It is my entire fault. We should have been together!”

He said nothing. He wouldn’t. Well not for a very long time.

“And now you’re a statue and by the minute I am turning into one too.”

I felt the bronze slide over me. I looked at Bronzo. Such a good dog. And now he’s stone. So is my husband.

And now I sit. This is where I will sit for a million years, not feeling anything. I took one last look around me. The last look I will have in years.


Here is the picture for this weeks 100wc: