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Goals for Semester 1

This semester I want to increase my learning in multiple parts of science. I want to increase my learning in decimals. Things I can do to achieve my goal: 1. Learn my decimals. 2. Research different types of writing.

This semester I would like to not rush my work and double check my work better. I can help myself improve by not putting pressure on myself if I am a little overtime and checking my work then asking someone to check it to see if I’m doing it right.

This year I want to learn more about science and I want to get better at Fibonacci numbers.

100wc Week #27


“I can’t believe this”

“Well you should because if you don’t you will miss the view.”

“Look at the stars, there SO beautiful.”

“Yeah I can see them but the best thing is the horses. Look at them go!”

“Oh, what’s that thing in the distance and that other thing in the stars?”

“That’s called the moon idiot!”


“You don’t know what the MOON is?! Well, it’s a big round thing in the sky. I tell you when we land.”

‘And the other thing, well, WELL?!”

“Just hold your horses I tell you in a minute!”

“This is  My Ultimate Adventure!”

The First Contact

When Aboriginals were the only people who knew about Australia, they didn’t have  contact with other countries for 1000 years! The first people to have contact with the Aboriginals were the Indonesian people who came on the Northern side of Australia. Every year the two groups would trade things, like the Aboriginal people would give new food to the Indonesians to take home for something else in return. The first person (besides an Aboriginal and an Indonesian) was a Dutch navigator called William Janez, he found the Northern and Western side of Australia. After him an English sailor William Dampier also found Western Australia. Both of the men didn’t settle because they thought the Aboriginals were dangerous so they mapped the only area. In 1770 another English person came but was a lieutenant. He’s name was James Cook. He had a boat called the HMS Endeavour and he settled his boat for a minute in Botany Bay. He made plans to come back here in the future and left. Beside an Indonesian looking for trade or a curious sailor who didn’t settle the Aboriginal thought. They were safe. But that all changed in 1788.


18 years after James Cook found Botany Bay, 11 ships were in Port Jackson, hovering over the water. It was 1788 and the captain of the ship was Arthur Phillip.  He had brought 11 ships, half the ship was full of convicts! The Aboriginals tried to fight but were useless against the Europeans who had guns. What everyone didn’t know was that the Europeans were bringing diseases to the country like smallpox, measles, tuberculosis, influenza, the whooping cough and all of these diseases could kill you! In 1789 a smallpox outbreak came and killed many Aboriginals and their families. These diseases killed many Aboriginals and lots of family’s were broken apart. But that was all in the future. Right now the Europeans are about to take the land and food away from the Aboriginals and will leave them to starve.


1788 to 1802 the population in Australia rocketed up! More land and food was being taken for the Europeans to settle and some Aboriginals had to become servants to survive.  At the same time Arthur Phillip was capturing Aboriginals (including Bennelong) and making them European to act as translators between the Europeans and the Aboriginals. But his plan backfired so he ordered his men to shoot at the Aboriginals instead. 1797 the policy changed. The new policy was to keep Aboriginals out!


1788 to 1802 the population in Australia rocketed up! More land and food was being taken for the Europeans to settle and some Aboriginals had to become servants to survive.  At the same time Arthur Phillip was capturing Aboriginals (including Bennelong) and making them European to act as translators between the Europeans and the Aboriginals. But his plan backfired so he ordered his men to shoot at the Aboriginals instead. 1797 the policy changed. The new policy was to keep Aboriginals out!


In 1800’s the Europeans sent out soldiers to kill Aboriginals who they thought stole, threatened farmers or were plain annoying. More fighting was going on but once again the Aboriginals were useless against the guns the Europeans had. In 1816 the Government said that the Europeans were allowed to use firearms. There was one Aboriginal called Pemulwuy who was feared by the European settlers in 1790’s to 1802. He would lead a group of Aboriginal fighters around the Sydney Harbor. Around that time most Aboriginals were living on the outskirts of town. Their cultural history and their traditional life was being destroyed like the land they once owned. As for the Europeans, they thought the Aboriginals couldn’t take care of themselves well.


There was a lighter side to this mess. Not all the contact between the groups were violent. There was actually some peace between them. Some Aboriginals actually voluntarily became a European settler. It has been recorded that the Aboriginals actually helped the European people at times of need, which was a lot of times because the Europeans didn’t know the land as well as the Aboriginals did.



What is a Buddy?

When you’re in prep you get a buddy. Your buddy will always be a 5/6. You will meet with them in the school yard or when you’re having lunch with them. But you will see them the most when you visit them in class. A buddy is a person who generally is your gender (sometimes it’s not) who you help and work together in some sessions with. You also have lunch with them. Your buddy is either older (5/6) or younger (prep). Whichever age they are they are always fun.

My Buddy:

I cannot explain my buddy in words because there are too many amazing things about her but here is a poem to describe how I think of her:

She is:

Kind, keen, knowledgeable

Caring, cute, cheerful

Adorable, amusing, awesome

And she has a:

Dazzling, delightful, duck

P.s: the duck isn’t real

Btn Brain Awareness


    Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green = Questions

This news report was about brain awareness week, what brain cancer is and how you can help. Brain cancer is a big part of the death of Australian kids. This can be treated by surgery (which is 5 hours) though you don’t know how long you need to recover. E.g.: it could take a few days or it could take a few months. If you do have surgery you can’t go to school and you lose all your hair. You can’t see any of your friends and you’re in a wheelchair because you’re weak. Of course when you get the news that you have brain cancer you would feel worried, sad and angry and life’s a bit tough. I get that you would be sad and worried about yourself. I also get that life would be hard not seeing your friends, always feeling sad and worried and not knowing what’s going to happen, but my question is that why would you feel angry? If you have a brain tumor you need a nasogastric tube to help you eat and give your medicine. There is a day called Pirate Day Friday which is on Friday the 12/6/15. You dress like a pirate, raise money and you enroll your school at the main website. This helps the site to give the money to children who have brain cancer.

This is the web link to btn’s original report:
This is the web link to the original site about pirate day Friday if you want to check it out or sponsor:


100 wc #26

Dear Father,
I had a splendid afternoon!
Mother took me to tea which was lovely and after took me to an amazing fashion show.
There was an odd moment when two young gentlemen started following us. It was also surprising because as they turned the corner towards us an item fell out of one of the men’s pocket. I saw a glimpse of the item before the two men ran away. It was black and shaped like a gun.
Besides that I am having a fantastic time here in London.
How are you in America? Got to go Mother is calling me.

BTN Colour Confusion


    Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green = Questions

This article was about colour blindness and how you know. If you have colour blindness it means that one of your cones in your eye doesn’t work very well. In your eye you have a rod which shows you light and movement and a cone which shows you colour. People have three cones: red green and blue as dogs have only green and blue. The mantis shrimp can see the most colours in the world! The little creature has 12 cones with some weird colours like ultra violet! There is a picture of this creature at the end of this article. You know if your colour blind because you have a special test. There are circle with dots in them (of course coloured) and you have to see if there is a dotted number in that circle which there is. There is also a picture of the test dotted circles. If you can’t see one you are probably colour blind to that colour. I understand how nerve racking it would be to know that you might be colour blind even know every 1 in 12 boys get it. I also get how relieving it is to know that at least you’re not blind, just colour blind. My question is that if every 1 to 12 boys get colour blind, why is it 1 in 200 girls are colour blind?


Colour blind test circles:

Mantis shrimp:


Here is the website to this episode:

100wc #25

I remember the day….
I remember the little girl crying. The sound of her weeping haunts me at night. A man was holding her, his pipe shaking in his mouth. I knew she was upset about the horse. That stupid horse! Why did it have to ruin everything! I looked out upon the green lake, knowing if I swam carefully I could cope. I didn’t know how wrong I was. I would never forget the strong current ripping at my flesh and bones. I will never forgive myself for putting myself in danger. Nor will I forgive the man who brought the stupid dangerous horse.

BTN Port River Dolphins


    Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green = Questions

This text was about an dolphin expert Mike who was trying to save the Port River dolphins from pollution, fishing that caught them, speed boats that hit them and many more things. Two baby dolphins already have died and they have seen another baby sick.  The temperature in the water was 30 degrees! I understand how hard it would be to spot dolphins in the fog that was over the water. I also understand how it is bad for the 30 dolphins that live here because of the buildings and the factories. My question was why are there not many people helping out?

If you want to find out more visit the website below:





I can’t believe I’m here. The first woman to fly alone to the Atlantic Ocean is me! I can’t wait to see the Atlantic Ocean. I also can’t wait to get home. Flying is fun but I can’t wait to tell my family at what I saw. Then when I looked out of the plane window all I saw was deep, dark blue water with an ice block in the distance. And that’s all I remember saying on that trip Amelia said knowing she desperately needed to get on a plane NOT with an interviewer. Thank you said the interviewer but Amelia already was gone.