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Why I should be the Performing Arts monitor

Hello, this year I am applying for the Performing Arts Leadership role. I am hoping I win this leadership role because this leadership would fit my personality very well. I will only tell you a few things because if I tell you the whole list it will take up 15 pages! I hope you listen and give me a chance because I would appreciate it.
I am very organized. I have lots of cupboards at both of my houses full and labeled. I also love creating things and have a box full of artistic designs and other artistic things. Just ask my family! On the holidays before school we had to label and make sure our books were there and when I came back to school I realized most of my friends didn’t have their books or didn’t label them! Also my mum is a preschool teacher and I have to help her with some events. Now I am done with organization.
I love collaborating with others! I have a prep buddie called Alexia who I collaborate with every day. Just ask my friends! I love working with younger year levels and assisting people with activities. My mother is a preschool teacher and I would work with some of the little kids there. I also help her set things up for her class. I can also use a camera for example how to take a picture as well as learn other things like special features. I also use my iPod for filming because I go to dance school and I record my dance on my iPod.
I don’t mind putting effort into things that might need to go into recess and lunch like displaying posters all over the school or helping out with the 2015 Art Show. I am very responsible so you will know it will be done on time and look the best I can deliver. I support this statement by saying that I have been in Green team every year and now I am one of the four green team captains. Also in green teams I helped them with the signs by designing and hanging them around the school. You could ask Lee Richardson if you don’t believe me. I also gone to the Art Show so I know how it rolls and I would love to participate in that to show how much I care about it.
So that is why you should make me the art director for this class. Remember I love performing arts, I’m organized, I’m responsible and reliable, I put in effort wherever i go and i collaborate really well. Thank you for reading my persuasive text and I hope you take my reasons into account.

BTN (Behind the News) Guide dogs


    Blue = Facts

Red = Understandings

Green = Questions

This article was about a guide dog called Hally who needed to know the basics of being a guide dog like knowing that guide dogs can’t be alone for more than 2 hours. There was also a little bit about how you can train one of these dogs. These dogs need a year and a half to be with another family to be fed, trained for the blind people. My question is that if they did leave the dog for more than 2 hours would they get into trouble? Also they had to go to special puppy classes which were 25,000 dollars! I realized after this clip the little things like helping train a dog make a huge different to others. I also realized that it would be hard for a blind person to not have a guide dog so they need help getting one.

If you want to help you can get a police Keck and make sure you have a safe secure garden with nothing poisonous or you could check this like for more information.





100WC Week #23

The wind was thrashing against my skin as if it knew what I was up to. I knew I shouldn’t be here. Then I saw it. The famous haunted stone couch. I looked around. Was that it? I couldn’t believe it! The famous stone couch was just a brown dusty old piece of material as a couch. I was about to turn back, disappointed until I thought I saw something move. I peered closer at the couch. Then it dawned on me. Of course the couch was haunted because everyone who came here always didn’t return. Wait, I’m here so that means… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!





How to make categories on a blog

When your finished writing a post you should assign it a category. If this a new category for you go to the right hand side of your screen where it says categories. If you already had a category you can make a new category in side another category by choosing parent category. (e.g.: grammar could be a category inside writing) In the box for category type the name of your category. Now click the add new category box. Now you have the category you want!

If you are typing a new post that you want as a part of a category you already have you just have to click the box with the name of that category and it will now be part of that category.

Category appear at the bottom of every post . If you click on that label all the post that are in that category will appear. It will help people look at post that are simular in your blog.

If you want to make a category without having a post go to your dashboard on the left float over post and chose categories. On this page name your category and click add new category.

100WC Week #22

It was burning me. Burning my throat. The chili burned my tongue. I can’t talk properly anymore. I’m trying to call help but my throat won’t obey me. The sour taste came rushing in, forcing my voice into a whisper. Tears are coming out of my eyes. I can’t believe this. This is not supposed to happen. Also I can’t die like this. Not in front of this entire crowd. My mouth stopped burning. My voice started coming back. What an experience! I looked at the wrapper. I can’t believe it! But it said sweet on the wrapper I mumble to myself.

Why I wan’t to become student representative council (SRC) for our class

Hi, I am Adriana and as you know this year I am trying out to become the student representative for our class. I am very creative so if I’m successful this won’t be a boring ride.


In class I am always ready to speak my thoughts. I will readily listen to what your ideas are and I always ask for opinions to see what others think. Just ask my friends and teachers. I speak clearly and with expression.


I do have a lot of empathy for people. I ‘m continually concerned for others and I am constantly trying to help. If you don’t believe me here are some examples. A girl in year 3 fell down from the monkey bars and hurt herself badly. I went to help. I care so much about how people are treated. As you know you should treat people as you want to be treated.


I have developed a lot of confidence from my past experiences. I attend a dance class and every year we have a concert which we have to perform in front of hundreds of people. I am comfortable with public speaking, for example at the assembly when it’s our class’s time to perform and also at last year’s camp my friends and I sang a song in front of all the 3/4s! I can also make very wise decisions. For example if someone wants to be alone tell them if they need you you’re where you are. And then leave them to think about the best solution in their case. So you could rely on me if you want to have a wise decision.


I believe I am very organised. I always have my books ready and I never forget my diary or most importantly my laptop. My laptop is always charged for school. I enjoy helping my mum with special preschool events. For example graduation, father’s day evening, family disco etc.


So that is why you should have me in as your SRC. Remember I’m organised, I care, I have wise decisions and a lot of confidence, I communicate really well with people and I’m creative. So pretty please vote for me!

100wc Week #21

“I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU WOULD DO THIS TO ME!” His voice bellowed through the hallway. “After all I did for you to!” His stare gave me shivers. Everyone stoped what they were doing. The silence was deafening. I’m sorry I  sobbed and ran up the stairs. I can’t believe him  he did that to me. Embarrass me like that. Not because my sister is there but also my FRIENDS. Who does that? Well he will come up and apologies. But I’ll make him pay. Oh, he will regret the day he mess with me.  He will regret he was ever born.

100wc Week #20

Guess what! We are live from the main crime scene. We have figured out that two adults were ready to climb a mountain until they spotted a grey hyena glaring at them.  They sprinted off as scared as anyone would be as the creature dashed towards them. It ended up it wanted the sandwich! It thought it was meat and you should have seen it howl! It’s miserable yelp will ring in the my ears for the rest of my life. As for the  adults all we know is that their names are ABIMBOLA and ABIOYE. Back to you Gary!

My letter ( to my teacher)

Dear Ant,

As you know I am writing this  letter to you so I will try to make this interesting. I  will write to you about 5 topics. The first one is what  my favourite things are, second is what is my family like, thirdly what I did on the holidays, fourthly if I did anything I would like to  share, and lastly what I want to do when I am older. Keep on reading and you will find out a lot about me you didn’t know.

My favourite things

I like to do a lot of things in my spare time but most of all I like to read. I have read a  lot of books naming the Sisters Grimm series, The Series Of Unfortunate Events, all of  Harry Potter, all of Roald Dahl’s books and Andy Griffiths books as well and there is more. I also like drawing and art. I admit I am not the best at both of those topics but it is still fun. My favourite sport is soccer and  basketball. In soccer I like practising moves with the ball and kicking goals. In basketball I like shooting hoops and dribbling the ball.

My family

 I live with 5 people at Dad’s house and 3 people at Mum’s house. Mum and Dad both have partners. They are kind and caring and part of the family. On the Friday before the holidays  Dad and his partner got married! She is officially my Stepmother! Mum isn’t getting married but she is happy the way she is. My step sister is older than me but we get along fine. I look to her as a role model like I do with adults. I trust and care about her. The same goes for my step brother but I don’t see him as often.  I also have the same feeling’s for my sister and brother only they are more annoying and I can’t really look up to Alexis! But I still care for them!

On the holidays

On the holidays with Dad we went to Phillip Island! Every day except one day we went to the beach! We were bogie boarding, sometimes surfing and occasionally just swimming on the beach. The day we didn’t go to  the beach was raining so we had to do something else. With mum we went to Bright.  Our cousins came with us and for a few days my uncle came over as well with his girlfriend. There was a giant pool which we swam in every day. Also a river which had a strong currant but was heaps of fun! But on the second last day we went to a water park! It had a diving board, two water slides and a water playground for little kids. The slides and diving board were heaps fun!

Have I done anything I would like to share?

As I have told you before the holidays my dad and my stepmother got married. But I didn’t tell you that me and my sister were the ring bearer! They told us on the day and that made it even more exciting for us. I gave the ring to my Stepmother as my sister gave it to Dad. It was our first time doing it and I think I did a good job.

What I want to do in the future.

In the future I would like to be a chemist. Just the thought of going to a lab and starting a job there  is a dream come true. I also wouldn’t mind becoming a chemical engineer.  I found that out when we did Robo Girls.I know it is a very high score to get but I will try my hardest to get it. Other then them my third ideal job would be a cook. I love cooking and sometimes I make things like dessert or I help out with dinner.