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100wc Week 12 The days of the baby blue Giraffe

He was shocked to find a blue baby Giraffe. Its nose flashed in the moonlight and its skin was as soft as delicate silk. The lord was disgusted and ordered it dead. The guards took it away and placed it in a dirty old cage. The days went by as the baby giraffe grew weaker.  Its soft blue skin started to fade. The day came for the Giraffe to be killed. The guards snatched it and took it to its last memory. It laid there on the killing platform and its spirit erupted. The magic and imagination was brought back!

The Case Of The Missing Parents


I can’t eat. My stomach doesn’t have an appetite. Jake does. He is eating like a pig. He doesn’t know. Nor does Bella who is sleeping like an angel. One day they will know. But not yet. When they’ll know they will meet him. I dread that moment. I never want them to know. I never want them to meet that guy. I wish it was over. I wish that what she said was not true. But the feeling won’t go away. The feeling that she was right. The bonfire is starting to settle. I close my eyes and the nightmare begins.


I can’t sleep. I have had way too much food. I cast my eye on Felix. Something is going on, something strange. Felix is mumbling something I can’t make out. I cast my other eye on Bella. She looks so peaceful. Not at all worried about what was about to happen. Of course she won’t understand, she was six! It isn’t fair for Bella at all. I look at the bonfire. It was black, hot and steamy. I see the sun rise up. The shadow of the night hangs over me.


I wake up with the birds chirping. Ah, another day in the Savannah. I close my eyes. When are Mum and Dad going to come? It’s not a holiday without them. I remember their three last words they said to me. “I love you.” I know they will come. They won’t abandon me, would they? I look around the bonfire is out and Felix and Jake are talking. I think they are having an argument. We should talk to her Jake says.  No, let her sleep Felix says. Wait, their talking about me! Felix looks and spots me. I yawn. “Just woke up” I say. Jake shoots Felix an irritated look. Get ready. We’re leaving in a minute. No later! I start timing myself. What happens if I’m over a minute? Will they leave me? I look at the birds. One of them gives me an angry look. I realize that something was wrong. Something’s happen. 


My legs are like jelly. I can’t feel my legs. I look at my surroundings. All the trees are yellow and the grass has dried out. You have to be careful because there are different kinds of animals here. Bella is walking towards the bushes.” I have always wanted to go to the Savannah!” Bella said eating some berries of a bush.  ”Bella, don’t touch them!” I growl in frustration. Why didn’t she listen at school about how some foods can be poisoning? “Why shouldn’t I eat them?” “Because they could be poisonous!” Bella spits them out. Disgusting she cries! I hear crunching behind me. I turn around. Oh no mutters Jake.


I have never been more frightened! Here I am shivering as two fierce male lions come closer two us. They’ll pounce. I know it. That is inevitable. “Safety rule don’t mess with lions.” I whisper. All I see is a flash of light and then it was gone. I hear a girl screaming. I hope it’s not Bella. I look up. What is Felix doing? A big grey bubble is erupting from his hand! Is he super natural? How is he doing this? A bubble is just bursting from his palm! Well, it isn’t really a bubble but that is the closest word you can describe it with. It is pale grey with a tint of shimmering white. Its shape is crossed with an oval and a pentagon. It is shining and glittering like a star. He is saying something. He is talking to me. Always be safe and look out for the unexpected he croaks from exhaustion. 


My throat hurts from screaming in excitement! My brother is awesome. I don’t know where to begin. MY BROTHER CAN MAKE BUBBLES!!!! Why is Jake looking at Felix like he’s an alien? I don’t get it. I’m proud to be his sister. It was like a superhero movie coming to life when the goodies defeat the baddies! Hang on, something bothering me. I don’t know what it is. I should remember what it is. It is important. Got it! How could I forget something so important? Mum and Dad told me to tell the others to meet them at the weeping willow. I know where Mum and Dad are I crave in, in a serious voice.



Crunch, crunch, crunch. That is all I am hearing after our feet. Thank God Bella remembered. Now we know, so we are sprinting north to where Mum and Dad are. We see a big yellow tree in the distance.

“Hey look an umbrella!” Bella wonders out loud.

“I don’t think it is an umbrella.” I explain.

“Then what is it smarty pants?”

“The weeping willow.”

So we bolted.



The tree looks so beautiful. The yellow leaves are drooping in the sunrise. The grass has become softer as we walked on it. The smell of roses kept on filling our noses. I looked away. It was so beautiful that I was becoming mushy!

“That represents Mum and dads love!” Felix praised the magnificent tree as he spoke.

“How do we get in?” I reply looking for a secret passageway.

“I dunno. I started to get angry.

“What do you mean I DON’T KNOW? You’re the one with super natural powers. Why didn’t you tell us, didn’t trust us?”

 Felix’s eyes drop to the ground.

“Mum and Dad didn’t want me to tell you.”

Everyone is silent.

“Hey guys how about we slide down this hole?” Bella cuts in.


I like being outside rather than in this hole. It was dark smelly (maybe because of the boys) and uncomfortable. The only light was edging away from us.

“EW, MUD!!!” I scream. If there’s one thing I hate it is mud.

“Get over it.” Jake mumbles trying not to show an enormous grin spreading on his face. I hear voices. A man and a woman. They will be here soon the woman breathes. I can’t wait to see them I am so excited the man says. Light shines into my eyes. Mum, Dad! I can’t believe it. Tears are running down my cheek. I sprint into Dad with a big hug then I do the same with Mum. I have never been happier.

“How did you get here?” I asked confused.

“Dad’s new invention sent some bad people after us; the only safe place was here. We can’t get out thought.” Mum draws a deep breath.

“Do you mind living here?”

“We LOVE IT!!!” Felix, Jake and I screamed together. Jake started getting annoyed.

“Why didn’t you tell us about Felix?” Jake spluttered.

“We didn’t want you to get freaked out. We would have told you next year Jake and Bella in 4 more years. Mum splutters back. Then I fell on the couch and went to sleep.


I have found them! When I saw them I was so happy I couldn’t get to sleep. When I did I dreamed about when I first told Felix. We had left him at an orphanage when he was born. We had no money left. Then when he was 3 we took him back. He got his powers from grandma. She was a superhero in her country. Then I woke up. But not in my world. I WOKE UP IN FELIX’S HEAD!!!!! I couldn’t believe that I was in his head! A screen came on. “I never want them to meet that guy.” It said. This was in Felix’s head so he was thinking this. Oh he means Blake. Blake was the orphanage keeper. He was disgusting and rude but we didn’t have a choice. We wanted him sacked. No wonder! More words came up. But the feeling wouldn’t go away. The feeling that she was right. Hey, that is about me! It is when I told him about his powers. A shimmer of colours spread in my mind. I see a shadow. It is Felix and he is standing next to me. You saw it he mumbles looking at me. I nodded. I had a nightmare about it he shivers. I love you I cry. I love you too was his reply.