Monthly Archives: October 2014

My Family Poem

My uncle is as helpful and caring as a mother rocking her child to sleep.

My uncle looks very strong. He is like a hippo fighting for it’s place.

He thinks his jokes are like a comedians joke. But to us they’re like a bin filled with a lifetime supply of whoopee cushions.

Luckily my uncle smells like linx. It smells like nectar, like a garden filled with flowers.

But more than anything you will notice is my uncle has such big brown eyes. They look like puppy eyes. When he looks at you all you can notice is his eyes.

My Allit-a-gator has………..


In class we had to  make up a alligator and it can have anything on it you want. So this is my allit-a-gator

My Allit-a-gator has…

Five, foul,fungi feet,

cloudy, clumsy,clever chest,

six, sketchy, steel, skirts,

nine,navy,naughty,natural noes,

terrible,thick,twisted teeth,

angry,accidental arms,

brave,bright, back,

lushes,lovely legs.

And he likes laying on lazy lizards! 

My Machine Poem

Pick up the tongs slowly and damp.

Then let it go down the ramp.

It will roll into the car with fuel fierce as a bully 

Which will roll into the pulley.

Straight to the sky, it will do

Finally it will drop into the screw.

Last to know it will spring,

down to the floor in a ring!

My Machine Poem