The Invasion Of Evil Chop Chop


In school we were working on genres and one of term were a narrative. So we decided to write a childrens book! So I hope you like this book and ENJOY!!!!

The Invasion Of Evil Chop Chop

 Bang! Gavatar ducked. Gavatar was 11, fighting a villain and she looked calm! I can use my power [picking up objects by the force] to defeat Evil Chop Chop! Bang! Another one of Evil Chop Chops bombs went flying past her. Lets do this she said.

Evil Chop Chop looked ugly, very ugly! He was wearing a red suit which was ripped with stains from a tiger and he didn’t have any shoes on! He said you will never win this! And then he flew off! Yes I just said that HE FLEW OFF!!!!!!!!!! Gavatar soared after him and battled him till death. Gavatar won but didn’t kill him she brought him to jail because she didn’t like to kill people. The people cheered HOORAY! HOORAY! HOORAY!

She looked at the city. It was wreaked all because of her her! So She lifted all the rocks and bits of dust to the dump. When she arrived back home she had a special surprise party! They danced and cheered as the night went of. She had lots of fun. Now that is the end of the story. Goodnight!

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