The Wheel And Axle

The wheel and axle is a very simple machine. It is a cylinder with a fulcrum and an axle in the middle. You use it to transport or move to places. It is also made up of levers but it is not one. The different’s is the place of the fulcrum and the shape.

The wheel and axle helps a lot of machines but how and why? Well, how is very simple. When you steer it or move it the machine moves with it! It moves on a 3600 angle which is right round. This is because it is a cylinder. Why is because it helps move it. It moves where it steers. It is transportation.


The wheel has a lot of positions. For example a ship. There are two places on a ship where a wheel is. There is the main wheel which turns the wheel and there is the anchor.  A anchor is a heavy object which sinks to the bottom of the sea son the ship won’t leave. It is round and very heavy. There are other places like a car.

Thank you for reading my explanation.

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