Monthly Archives: September 2013

Fruit Jelly

On 11 of september my class made fruit jelly!

We had to write some predictions.

Predictions are guesses to what you think will happen.

This is one of my predictions: I predict that the fruit will float.

On the day my table brought some rock mellon.

Rock mellon is a type of fruit.

After we put it in the frige for 24 hours!

That’s a whole day!

When  we took it out the next day the top half  of the rock mellon was on top on the jelly!

But the bottom half was stuck in the jelly!

 Then we did some observations.

This is one of mine: The rock mellon is sticky!

Then we had done the experiment.

The Awsome Divide

Boom goes the gun! The race is now on!

Sixty begin riding there bikes in the awesome divide.

30 turn east,  30 turn west.

People on the west survived the awesome divide.

While on the east were stuck with a beast!

30 carried on paddling fast.

20 lose control and fall down a cliff!

10 people go on in the awesome divide.

6 people fell over,

some hurt there arm, some hurt there leg.

4 carried on never to stop.

Oh no! There’s are river.

What do they do?

They swim of course but 2 drown!

2 carried on but 1 stops to tie her shoe!

1 wins the awesome divide!

Hooray! Hooray!